The Economist recently published a chart stating that no more than half of Americans were financially prepared for retirement. It is interesting how high he set the paint for them, said analyst at Partners Ale Tma.

According to the author of the graph, the one who is not ready to retire is the one whose life drops fall below the level of about 70 percent of income. Sounds like a fairy tale. In Czech, we somehow got used to saying over beer that I still won’t get anything in retirement. But let’s leave that side aside for a while.

The discussion about pension reform in the US was heated and hysterical, but a little enlightenment of the furnace only took place. Probably not surprising, however, that the Czech pension system is very solid internationally. Otherwise, you can spend more, so the so-called compensation ratio.

With the average wage, you will now receive a full pension of less than 60 percent of the wage. The calculation of retirement is, of course, individual and bad on actual income and time, but this is a model case. In the future, you will get some income from the regular system, and you will not be interested in bread and water. Otzka is what you put on that bread. The first, therefore, is the importance of retirement preparation with a resigned waved hand.

Tiscovka msn vs nespas

Although we will optimistically assume that the current compensation ratios will be maintained, take that even the savings of thousands of crowns in money for retirement will not save. He can do many exercises. How much would you have to save to keep the changed 70 percent of your life equal?

Suppose he is 35 and take the average wage, ie a little over 25 thousand crowns. You are retiring according to current assumptions at the age of 67. Assuming that with increasing experience, wages will rise more than inflation, so before retirement you will be a quarter above average. In such a case, you will receive from the sttu for your contributions only about half the same salary. Let’s assume that you will receive your pension for another 18 years, up to 85 years of age. Due to the length of time, this is not unlikely. With this back, it needs to be saved at about 2,600 crowns per month, ie over 13 percent of the same monthly income.

Whoever crushes on the ground, sharp

This may not seem drastic, but it is necessary to make one quite optimistic assumption that do not be afraid of a little risk and invest in such funds, as well as other instruments that will exceed inflation by at least two percent a year. Shares have averaged more over the last century, but in dynamic funds III. saws want salamander. According to statistics, the vast majority of new participants are still conservative.

Therefore, if we evaluate, for example, one percent above inflation, the need will rise to three thousand months. If you put it to the left back, you can congratulate yourself. But do not forget that the assumption of maintaining the compensation ratio from the first sawmill.

The star would have to eat the bird

At the age of about a dozen, however, you will spend for living, starting a family, etc. How much will you have to say when you will start preparing for retirement and at the age of five? The amount needed is about 20 percent of your income. The latter is again with input two percent above inflation. All of the above amounts include state support for the pension savings of CZK 230 per month, and at the time of retirement, the assumptions are expected to correspond exactly to inflation.

How do you end up relying on the usual thousand crowns for a conservative fund? From that time to retirement about 560 thousand in the day korunch. Even so, you will have to cover about half of your life so far.

What does this mean? Someone is so handy that they can secure themselves with one suitable purchase of a villa in Stranice. The rest of us will have to enter differently.

How much do you have for retirement?

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