When vs on vacation rob, let’s know how the situation eit. The most important thing is to immediately block the payment card and report the passport.

At home, we pay attention to thieves, but we sometimes tend to forget about their existence. “We chose the cards, and when I wanted to pay for them, I found out that the backpack was open and the wallet and documents were gone. Due to a moment of inattention, we drank for pensions, a credit card and, unfortunately, passports, ”said Ji md. The Manel md were in their eyes, but they went to Croatia with a tour and the whole situation was helped by a delegate. She started to write a report with them to the police and then to issue replacement documents for the Czech consultation. She even set them up for the rest of her stay.

Lock the card and mobile phone
It is not possible to ride with a travel agent or to have a willing and experienced delegate at once. It is therefore a good idea to prepare on the spot and minimize any codes. Find out to go before you leave all the telephone numbers.

Write down how to block payment cards, where there is a Czech consultation in the city of your stay (you can find it on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs www.mzv.cz), your mobile operator, and – if you have travel insurance – and assistance services. When you know where to turn abroad in the case of a krdee, you avoid panic. It is worth paying a copy of the passport, confirmed by travel insurance or airline tickets.

If you lose your credit card in addition to cash, contact your bank as soon as possible and block the card. Each bank has a special telephone line where you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Phone number separate from the card, as well as PIN. Apart from Raiffeisenbank and esk spoitelny dn, the bank does not insure for transactions made using PIN vs toti.

The bank will block the electronic card in the bank immediately and will take responsibility for any loss immediately after the loss or loss.

With embossed cards – these are the ones with plastic embossed data – it’s a bit complicated. You can also use these cards for payments that the bank does not check electronically, and therefore they must also be included in the list of invalid cards, the so-called stop list. Therefore, for some banks (eg eBanka, GE Money Bank, ivnostensk banka) take responsibility and from the full day on the day when you report.

Ask yourself in advance if you will have to go to the blocking delivery, confirm in writing what is required, for example, by SOB or Potovn spoitelna. You usually pay for blocking. For electronic cards it is most often 100 and 200 crowns, for embossed cards it can be 2000 crowns. If you have more than one payment card, take the one that is best used in case of a card and a good insurance card against misuse.

Thanks to the declining price of roaming, most people take a car and a mobile phone abroad on holiday. If you use a prepaid card, the thief will not allow credit, but if you have a loan, you would not have to pay extra after returning home. When your phone is stolen, don’t forget to contact your operator and block the SIM card.

Go to the police

Report the police to the local police immediately. Although it doesn’t matter that you get your pensions and documents back, you may need a police report. Due to the documents, the consultant will want to see him, and due to the compensation of the codes in the Czech Republic, the insurance company will be connected again.

If you have a problem negotiating with the police, you can contact the staff of the Czech consultant with enough help. The council will also accommodate you in other emergency situations, such as hospitalization or car accidents. Interpretation and other services in case you have been robbed (by means of a forward pension or payment of a fee for a passport), we can also provide an assistance service, which is part of the travel insurance.

The documents will be issued to the consultant

If you are only allowed abroad for a short period of time, only a valid travel document – the so-called travel order – will be issued to you on the consultation instead of a new passport or ID card. This command has a limited validity and is only used to get you home to the Czech Republic without any problems.

Fill in the consultation to get enough to get there. You must send two photographs measuring 35 x 45 millimeters and present some document from which it is clear that you are a citizen of the Czech Republic. First at this point, a copy of my passport will suit me. If you have your confirmation, you will receive a travel order.

For a compensation pass, pay 400 crowns in the currency where the consultant will communicate, or in another freely convertible currency – for example in euros or dollars. ad vak pijme i esk koruny.

Seete nplatn penza
In the event that her boyfriend did the second in the holiday budget, but you do not want to return home early, have your pension sent to your family and acquaintances. This service can be used as a free range of travel assistance services.

If your insurance does not work, have your pension sent to you by one of the specialized organizations such as Western Union or Chequepoint. It’s the fastest een. For example, at Western Union it will cost a record 10,000 crowns for 850 crowns.

It is enough for someone in the Czech Republic to bring a pension to the Western Union branch (overlap with the branches of the Czech Republic), fill in the form, submit the ticket, pay the fee and call when the pensions are on the way. You can then pick them up at any branch of the company in the country in a few minutes. Abroad, they are in offices, banks, travel agency branches and the like. When you do not have documents, you can arrange a password with the sender.

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