Filip Sajler – the spsn owner of a restaurant, catering and bath wheels – also confirms that the hunter is constantly on arrest in business and has to look for new ideas.

Have you studied any round (the case has undergone some courses and seminars) that would help me in leading the people, leading the company, or “do you drive only according to your own feelings and introduction?
When I worked to go in UNILEVER R I took many courses in management and women of human resources, but it’s so much about personal feeling and introduction.

Are our companies still making arrests in the field of business?
I have the impression that the hunter is constantly on the line of business. When I use with one vc, zan put or paste what u is part of and as bent. In search of new ideas. It’s nron. Stle pemlm, where to go company, which is not only a restaurant, but also catering and bicycles. In addition, he is constantly confronted with operational and financial worries.

We prepared for the series a conversation with interesting personalities who started a non-traditional business and succeeded. In individual parts, well-known actors, singers and models, among others, shared their experience from the business world with you.

In previous works, you could, for example, have had enough of doing business in show business, trading in flowers and selling weapons.

Talk about meeting operational and financial concerns – what specific?
Cash flow, payment terms, etc., it means about each.

have you ever given about vr?
For a restaurant in Prague, we managed to get an investor, which made the start easier. For the opening of a restaurant outside Prague, we applied for various grants to support the region, so let’s see. In the meantime, these are one of bhu. Otherwise, if it concerns a lot enough, I would be happy if the whole system was simplified, made more transparent and everything went better not only for the beginning entrepreneurs. Legislation, tax, decrees often increased, are confusing and complicated. State institutions are indifferent to this issue, banks promise speed that they do not have.

Did you get into debt?
We also have foreign assets, under which the pension is issued all around, to which the Czech specialty of secondary insolvency also contributes a bit. For example, the average maturity of invoices at NS is very long and 90 days. Overall, I think that there is a non-standard environment for payments. Our main source of income is mainly catering and corporate events, here we will use the resources obtained to refer to the constant development of the company.

How do you business in two? You work with a time-known colleague of her for years. Have you ever encountered any major contradictions?
I think it’s always about compromises, but it works nicely, we complement each other very much with our friends.

How did you drink to your employees? Do you reach a number of all of them, or is the process of a classic selection of ads and recommendations?
Recommended first and then advertising.

Encourage ads to do more?
We work with mdii and pedevm with PR. Big advertisements for us are orders for companies, which is such a good way of presentation. It’s so much about personal contacts.

Did you choose a restaurant in this location?
Soukenick 4 is interesting due to the development of customs in the Czech Republic.

How long have you been looking for an investor and how long is the space in Soukenick?
It was a matter of several years.

Do these spaces belong to the city or to a private individual?
We are in private lease, and so is his chamber in.

Is your offer to eat and drink that it is in the center of the tracks?
I don’t think so. You can eat here from 95 K as the main dish. 30% of us visit foreigners, the rest are guests, residents and Czech clients. We consider ourselves a medium category.

How much do you pay for the services you offer people (vaen courses, events in the Perfekt restaurant, etc.)? Don’t you think that they are very high and set for a small group of only creditworthy people?
Not at all is it based on eench directly to the client, his / her goals and which client wants to achieve his / her presentation. What are tracks? 3,500 K per hour of first service or 3,500 K per 4 hours of course? It’s up to everyone how he wants to spend his pensions. Myslm, en Perfect restaurant is with the prices to the center of Prague very close to the country.

Do you currently have any significant competitor in the field of bicycle? What do you think about nm? What dl lpe not you? And what about catering? In this area, the competition is smooth, isn’t it?
There are many bikes, according to my opinion they are in selected Prague hotels and of course ours, I recommend people to go around them and try them, it’s like going to a restaurant, it’s fun. We prefer the people to touch the vaen ve bike and try out the preparation themselves.

Catering is different, there is a very strong competition, we work on personalized een itch clients, from production, menu, program, etc. There is a personal approach and long-term cooperation on this, we rely on it. As a unique and simple client, we are not a factory for canapes and breads. Catering must be available today.

Offer something extra to differentiate yourself from the competition?
The manager, who has a working meeting early in the morning, will offer the opportunity to take part from 8.00, we have a fresh round of cooking, a regular menu and a list of events. And here we Guys are in action.

How many employees do you have and how do you motivate them?
Around a dozen. Of course, it’s not about working with people. Finding quality staff is not easy. People are more likely, they are not able to offer themselves. Work out your time and tm gave them an interest in the company in any way. They lack loyalty. But today, no one in the private sector really needs such employees. That is why we regularly work with employees, we have staff, we have long workshops, we have work manuals.

Umte vst people?
It’s not easy. If it were possible, I would recommend to practice and work or study abroad, working in large company with the system. Led by the people is one big compromise and something like politics. We dream of educating our employees, being open and listening. We have a motivated program for our employees. It is important that they work with them for a long time. They can thus enjoy various benefits. The salary consists of the components basic and motivated. Good service personnel get enough tips and they themselves depend on their skills. Whether umm or neumm nevm.

What are you doing nowadays?
We have at your disposal the floors of the Perfect restaurant, which we will bring to life with a new design, menu and concept. We are starting a fresh round of vaen with Ondej bacon ala Kluci in action, we are preparing a new concept and a revival of the Perfect Catering division. We have a new project of the catering system in Liberec on Jetda for the winter season 2007/2008. Let’s open a new establishment under the Perfect Canteen sign, which are establishments for corporate and closed catering, such a luxurious canteen and café. I’m not bored.


Who is Filip Sajler?
Filip Sajler is best known today thanks to the TV show Boys in Action. He has a number of work experiences from prestigious restaurants in the USA, Germany and the Czech Republic. For those years he was the capital of the Prague Regional Darkness and a member of the Czech National Culinary Darkness. He is the winner of a series of awards from culinary competitions (Basel, Luxembourg, Singapore, Stuttgart, ScotHot Glasgow, bronze medals from the culinary competitions in Erfurt…).

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