Retirement is one of the ways to prepare for retirement, but it may not always be the most suitable. For whom is it suitable and who would like to look for another product that is suitable for them?

The pension connection is difficult to secure. This is one of the reasons why it is appropriate to take a lot of risks. If you have been going to retire for more than 20 years, then according to experts, it pays to pay your pension differently. It’s risky, but you don’t have to worry. The risk of dividing me less with a pension supplement is minimal.

The pension connection is interesting mainly due to the central contribution. If you arrange the connection for a short time, then its floor is large at the end. On the contrary, it takes longer to connect, so it depends on how long the pension fund can evaluate the client’s deposits. 53 people over the age of most will spend the most on this.

Young people can invest more
Young clients now have to invest 150 and 200 crowns in the pension fund, and they prefer to invest the remaining pensions, which are supposed to provide them with enough pensions, in other, dynamic products. If you have to go relatively far to retire, you should not have all your free funds for retirement, only to Tom Rampula from the consulting company AWD Czech Republic.

Are pension fund contributions so low?
The pension of their clients must balance the 90% of the bonds in accordance with the law. That is, into valuable beams, which have a low risk, but also a relatively low input. Pension funds will never be in the red, which means that you certainly do not delay them, but at the same time they will never reach an appreciation of 10 percent. It is invested in mutual funds, mainly equity, or combined with the help of so-called investment life insurance. They are risky products, but if you can invest for a long time, according to the expert, there is no delay.

and balances the risk
It is a salary for the investment that if you invest your pension for five years, in some probability the shares will be in the form of bonds. If you keep your pension for at least ten years, it will definitely pay off for you. With an investment of thirty years, the return on the event will be significantly higher than on the bond to 99.9 percent. Although financial advisors carefully add that you never have absolute certainty in the financial markets.

Investovn nen vda
Certain forms of regular small-scale investment offer all the company’s investments. Divide into two main categories. You can invest your pension either in a given fund or in a portfolio that consists of several different hedge funds. If you want to move your pension and thus increase your debt, or, conversely, dream of risk, you must notify the investor yourself.

The second category are programs with so-called locked input. Their advantage is that for a certain period of time before the end of the savings, they automatically transfer your pensions to safe funds. Imagine the situation: in ten years you have invested a hundred percent investment. The last month before you want to withdraw the pension, the share price in your fund fell sharply and the debt would be only two percent. However, this will not happen, because you will have the pension exchanged in a less risky fund.

When it comes to insurance, choose the level of risk
Investin life insurance combines investment and insurance. It is therefore suitable especially where the product is arranged by the breadwinner. Similar to the classic types of life insurance, you regularly pay insurance premiums, but in this case the insurance company invests in the purchase of mutual funds.

As in the case of regular investment in funds, here the pay is that the return is balanced by the risk. Therefore, long-term investments for ten or more years are safe here as well. Each insurance company offers several types of investment strategies from conservative to progressive (and therefore more risks). The advantage of the investment life insurance is the possibility of tax payments up to 12,000 crowns and the possibility of the employer’s contribution and 8,000 crowns.

Rada na zvr
In all cases where you decide for a long-term regular investment, do not forget to get acquainted in detail with the business conditions of the product, especially fees and the possibility to withdraw from the program before signing the contract.

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