Enter the unique study, which acts as a lift, and in a moment you will find yourself on the view of the terrace of the seventeen-story building – Ba’s skyscraper. It gives you an insight into a large factory, including Tom Baa and then his half-brother Jan Antonn, a co-worker with a number of thousands of employees in many parts of the world.

At the turn of the 20th century, Zln had a small town with less than two thousand inhabitants, where geese and hens walked the dirt streets. Then the Baov family drank and within 40 years built a building of it with old buildings, department stores, hotels, film studios, cinemas, hospitals, art salons and bicycles. In the 1950s, many were considered by Zln, then at the Gottwalds, to be America in Czechoslovakia.


The foundation of the veho was not ended up, the tenacity and pragmatism of Tom Bati. Only thanks to them was he able to avert the threat of bankruptcy twice, but also to cancel your engagement, when there was a threat that the chosen two would not be able to give him children due to illness. He captivated his visions and at the same time amazed his ability to make them happen, says Zdenk Pokluda, a historian from the Baa Information Center at Tome Bata University in Zlín.

Tom Baa was born in 1876 in Zln. He had a sister Anna and a brother Antonna. After the death of his wife, father Antonn remarried and had children. Tom got a half-sibling. Among them was Jan, known as Jan Antonn, who added his father’s name to him as a murder of continuity with the old Evcov family.

Tom went to Vdn when he was thirteen years old, where he tried to start his own shoemaker’s leg and made a papue. He did not succeed in business, his sister Anna helped him financially and he went to Zlín. Pesto did not give up. With Anna and her old brother Anton, they received 800 gold coins from their father as a testament to their mother’s mother, and in 1894 they put them into a joint venture.

It was believed that the owner of the trade license was not Tom, but Antonn. Tom was eighteen at the time, not of legal age. The age of majority has been since the age of 21, explains David Valek, director of the Sttnho District Archive in Zlín.

A family that has been tried

In Tom’s first case, he was very curious. The shoes went from ke and it was expensive. That’s why he tried to make his first shoes, famous for baovky, as light full-grain boots with a leather spade. They became a hit.

He proved his foresight in 1922, when the company had a big deal with sales. It was mole after the wolf, during the company the company was rescued by military orders. Then came the crisis. Tom took a risk and dreamed the price of shoes in half. Neekan’s move paid off. Half of the prices acted as a magnet, they slammed customers into Bao’s stores and the stocks quickly sold out, Pokluda warns.

It was not with Baa’s bag, who also served as the mayor of Zlín, that he did not choose two. In 1906 he built the first factory building, next to them he grew at an incredible rate. At the turn of the 1920s, Bao’s shoes penetrated other countries, and only between 1929 and 1932 did Baa build 666 stores in 37 countries, mainly in Asia and Africa. The name of the company knew the world. Cities in India, Pkistnu, France, Great Britain, the USA, Canada and other countries grew up as copies of Zlna.

The Baos controlled not only the shoemaking industry, but their business involved dozens of industries, engineering, aviation, chemicals, and the film industry. Today, companies (Continental Barum tire plant, TajmacZPS engineering plant or Fatra plastics plant) have a baovsk base.

Tom’s close collaborator was his 22-year-old half-brother Jan Antonn. Tom’s unexpected death in the slave plane crash in July 1932 affected him as well as the rest of his family, employees and the cells of Zln. According to the victim, who, after the wolf, became the subject of a protracted lawsuit, the first owner of the Zlín company became Jan Antonn.

The director of the company Dominika ipery and Hugo Vavreka (thanks to Vlav Havel, note red.). And he continued the legacy of his half-brother. The first for him were Zlín film studios or a building called Bav Skyscraper.

During his reign, the number of foreign branches and trade tripled, to the historian and creator of Baov’s batastory.net Pavel Hajn. I was surprised that Tom did not leave the business to his son Tom. He was not even eighteen years old at the time of his death. Although he was an individual, his parents did not pamper him in any way – he went to the city barefoot just like the other children. Later, he completed a quality foreign distance.

Before the Nazis, Jan Antonn fled to the United States and later to Brazil, Tom anchored in Canada. In Czechoslovakia, Bao’s sediments were nationalized, and they became Svit and Zlna Gottwaldov. JA Bati’s two last years about Mussolini and thoughts about expelling the nation to Patagonia helped him be convicted by a court in 1947 as a collaborator. Oitn was edest years sweat.

Property disputes

After the wolf, she took her family together. A property lawsuit broke out between Tom and Jan Antonn. Jan was exhausted by long struggles and in 1962 the ministry gave up, so the court ruled in favor of Tom. The two did not speak a word until 1965, when Jan died.

The interesting thing is that, like the descendants of JA Bati, Tom the young fought for the real name JA Bati as a collaborator. No one should first name the name Baa, qual Tom. Jan Doil in Brazil, where he founded cities following the example of Zlín and devoted himself to his own business. To this day, his descendants ij and Zln often and rarely visit there.

From 1948 to the 1980s, he worked for the Bata Shoe Organization in Toronto, with more than a hundred seductions in the country. Pot shifted production to Asia. Today, the company’s company is in Switzerland, run for the Czech Republic in Zlín. In August 2016, the young Thomas Archer Baa moved the marketing cell to a separate department of the company. The Baa company does not select the shoe in Zln, the bag works under its head for a long time in Dolnm Nm in Uherskohradisko.

Tom Baa Jr. often qualifies that he would rd doil baovskch 99 years. He didn’t succeed, he died in Toronto at the age of 94. Even his three children went to Zln.

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