An employee who falls ill in 2008 and stays at home will be without income for the first three days. He will get sick leave and from the fourth day. The change, which will take effect on January 1, may reduce the incapacity for disability, ie cases where the employee seene confirmed from the doctor, even if he does not need intensive care.

“The rate of morbidity is significantly higher in the Czech Republic than in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, although the health status of the population is not mountainous, on the contrary, it is considered better,” explains Ji Sezemsk, a spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The threat of financial decline may motivate employees to get closer to colleagues from other countries.

The first three days of incapacity have been relatively unsuitable since 2004. Today, the employee can get no more than 160 crowns a day, ie about a third less than in the following days of illness. Nothing will work for him from January.

He gave two more support in statistics. In 2004, since the first three days are unsuitable, the number of insolvencies of mezzanines decreased by more than 920 thousand. 18 percent have dropped in the last ten years. And first of all, the shortest possible length of one incapacity increases. In 1996 it was 25 days, last year 36 days.

Chipkov satisfied
Isn’t there a danger that employees will go to work sick and “walk” the lace just so they don’t drink for pensions? Lkaka Erika Matjkov doesn’t think so. “Some people really abuse their incapacity for work. This will be avoided, especially for those who have no debt, ”said Matjkov. The argument that the lace can be spilled in those days, and therefore the incompetence should be inappropriate, turns: “Only those who have had complications will receive the first.”

The Ministry of Labor is not worried either. “There are 12 countries without the time of the original European patents. It has never been confirmed that this would negatively affect the health of their inhabitants, “says Ji Sezemsk.

The dream of “disease” is seen in practice. With a little bit of excitement, it is possible that the employees of two people were sent out to get a disability, while today they are bypassing her first. Often, they just prefer to give you a short break, which I usually do not accept. In companies where the kind of work allows, the practice is established that the employee with the virus works first from home.

The women are generally reduced
Although the sick leave will be taken only by people who have been living for less than three days, their size will decrease. When entering the door, it is based on an estimate of how many pensions from an employee’s usual length fall on one day. From this work, the so-called daily recovery fee will be thoroughly carried out (for a detailed calculation, see “How to calculate the sick leave”). In the door, ur as podl z nj.

So far it has been 69 percent. “From January, the graduated rate will be introduced. By the eighth day of incapacity for work it will be 60 percent, by the sixth day 66 percent and after the sixth day 72 percent, ”said Filipov, speaking to the Czech Social Security Administration.

At first glance, it seems that from the 61st day of illness, the ston will be more suitable: 72 percent is more than the existing 69 percent. In fact, it is not so. From January, the percentages will be based on the base, which is still used only for the first two weeks of the disease and these are completely inappropriate, again in order to reduce the short-term ston. Even after the 61st day, she will be ill. While so far the maximum daily fee was 479 crowns, in the first year it will be 461 crowns.

What will happen in a year?
If you are trying to understand the complex system of doors, you should laugh at the fact that you will not know your knowledge for a long time. The changes concern only the year 2008.

Last year, a new law on sickness insurance was approved, according to which the two in the first two weeks should be paid directly by the employer, not by the social security. The activity of the law was first postponed to the year 2008, it was recently postponed until 2009. For the year 2008, therefore, a change applies to special rules, which may not be current for the year and before.

How to find out about sickness

Many people claim that their inability to work does not pay off. Walk the disease as long as you can. Few people can spend the bag, how much pension they really lose. Pette, how to proceed in the evening:

Take a drink of the day
The amount that you get for incapacity will be calculated from the “daily exchange fee”. This is created by dividing your total income by 12 months (which preceded the disabled month) after calendar days.

Sweat is only earned, which is subject to insurance premiums. For most employees, it is simply the sum of their salaries for the last year. If you keep a stable 25 thousand msn, you drank 300 thousand in the last 12 months. Divide this by the number of calendar days (do not hide the days you were on sick). When the length changes, it costs 822 crowns (300,000: 365; rounded).

High storage is reduced
Because sickness insurance is based on the principle of solidarity, if it comes down to too much money, it will be reduced by something. And then only hide the percentage that you get from it during the illness.

There are two borders, which reduce the deposit base from 550 and 790 crowns.

In the first 14 calendar days of illness, only 90% of the base up to 550 K is required and 60% is used up to the excess of 550 K.

From the 15th day, the amount of the deposit up to 550 K will be used in full and the amount exceeding 550 K will be calculated again from 60% (this will not apply in 2008, the calculation will always be the same as in the first 14 days)

In neither case did 790 K reach the wall. This means that the changed 60% will be paid between 550 and 790 crowns.

In the water reservoir, the daily deposit of 822 crowns is reduced to 790 crowns (the deposit thus shows the highest number of crowns) and this stack is divided into two piles: 550 and the rest, ie 240 crowns.

550 K is reduced to 90% in the first 14 days of the disease, ie to 495 K, from the 15th day the duty is necessary, ie 550 K. (As we said: from January on the 15th day will not be known and always %.)

The remaining 240 crowns will always be reduced to 60%, ie 144 K.

The sum of these two segments forms a reduced base, which is the key for the calculation:

Vpoet maximln dvky

In 2007
In the first days of illness…

25% of reduced base (495 + 144 = 639; total x 0.25 = 160 K)

From the 4th day…
69% of the reduced base
(until day 14: 0.69 x 639 = 441 K; from day 15 0.69 x 694 = 479 K)

Total for the 1st MSc disease:
3 x 160 + 11 x 441 + 16 x 479 = 12 995 K

For the 2nd and gave msce diseases:
30 x 479 = 14 370 K

In 2008
In the first tech days…

0 K

From the 4th to the 30th day…
60% of the reduced
zkladu (0,60 x 639 = 384 K)

From the 31st to the 60th day…
66% of reduced base (0.66 x 639 = 422 K)

From the 61st day…
72% with reduction composition (0.72 x 639 = 461 K)

Total for the 1st MSc disease:
27 x 384 = 10 368 K

For the 2nd MSc disease:
30 x 422 = 12 660 K

For the 3rd and gave msce diseases:
30 x 461 = 13 830 K

Note: the tables are also paid on the weekend; round up

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