By inserting the cards, his ancestors used to live twice, for Helen it was only a long end. Today I have a business card and a study in the center of Prague.

Helen Stanku was born into a family of puppets and acrobats. She saw the cards out at St. Grandma’s. How the atmosphere suddenly turned into a mystery and witnessed the mystery gradually being revealed always fascinated me, Helen recalls. She, too, began to devote herself to the deposit of cards, and her grandmother helped her, led her and praised her knowledge and experience.

According to Helen, the cards should help people. A hunter can get a good card out of some situation, adjust his vision of the future so that the hunter can continue for a long time and tune in to the right direction. The cards are supposed to show him that there is no end here, but the path leads to dl, and he just can’t see it, k.

Do you remember how the first fee was for depositing cards?
That was sometime twenty-one years ago and I was really rich (smch). I lived with my family at the time and it turned out that I would clear the cards. And it was so much for coffee. But once a client drank behind me and brought us a box of trials, entrees and corpses, five butters, five curds, and she gave me a questionnaire.

After leaving manela, your joint business also ended and you decided to do business yourself and take care of the first deposit of cards. Weren’t you wondering if it was dark?
Of course, as a normal hunter, I was afraid of a new arrest, of course. But I have lived with myself and my abilities and under me in the Ren Pii be, love, and it will be your bottom. My priority is honest work, absolute focus on the client and the desire to help others. When the people around you know it and you have good results, then they will come to you.

There are also tac who kartm nev.
This is their first, but that’s why I don’t fail furnaces. As with the vegetarian campaigns, not a single cut has gone bankrupt yet, nor with those who do not know it, it will not end.

By the way, is there a business for depositing cards?
Special for depositing cards, of course, not for the provision of personal services.

You had the advantage that you didn’t have to invest much in the business arrest, you probably didn’t have the cards. Or am I wrong?
If you want to work professionally in this field, it’s not just about cards. You have to invest in your lifelong learning, then you have to rent business premises and equip them so that your clients can respect the time. Take pay with him, energy, pay equipped and go you have not earned even a crown. It takes several years to create a clientele that works for you. The idea of ​​buying cards for 30 crowns and then earning a pension for the rest of your life is really unrealistic.

How long did it take you, didn’t you start digging?
Under the murder, I imagine living myself and the saints and paying the living expenses. And I needed it for at least three years. I used to write lnk, I was also without pensions, but it was simply not.

How did you get clients?
The first clients started coming to me for a special recommendation. Later, I was lucky enough to innovate in several TV shows, which was a very good presentation. Well, when the client is satisfied, not only does he recommend it, but he can also return.

Pedpokldm, e nejastji vai klienti e vztahy.
Yes, it is so and it is logical, relationships are wherever there is more than one hunter. Relationships are both between partners and between parents and children, as well as you at work or between neighbors. And however relationships affect nae tst. In addition, the first feeling that the inability to communicate and share together is a big problem for many people today.

Ask card clients about the financial situation?
I have a number of clients who have different investments, which direction in which to go financially. I saved a lot of people from fraudsters who tried to rob them. I look at the specific situation from a different point of view and the hunter sees the context and realizes: it doesn’t sit here, it shuts up there.

What do people suffer the most?
Most people suffer from insecurity. Who would want to be sure. If you would like the card to confirm that your employee will reach a shower and career and find everyone personally satisfied. In my practice, people don’t know what they want to hear. I consider it my last messenger to honor what I will tell them what works out in the cards. But I will never lose anyone.

Will he take back to the business, who on EET?
EET is about to go net, although in time it will probably be. And what to do to him, it is a given administrative matter.

You will need to buy a cash register.
I don’t mind. For me, as for a hunter, for whom every minute of time is precious and expensive, it is frustrating any extra paper. Of course, I will issue a receipt to the client, send the invoice, but the rest I prefer my own etn.

A co GDPR?
I don’t think I can do that at all. Clients will not send e-mails for days, I will not send advertising SMS. I don’t even have a bottom database, the client never wants to, so I don’t even have to read my name. But because I want to be sure and I don’t want to neglect anything and I don’t understand it myself, I asked the expert, also currently this problem with the first office.

How is the modern map? Uiv vs that?
Eclipse, even if it’s dina. I am convinced that if a hunter wants to do it only for business, try it like this, but in the end he will work somewhere else. If he knows that, then the brno is open to him and people will find him. This work must be done with the heart. But in my opinion, that’s how it is, where everyone does business.

Co and karty tenm Financ?
Here in that field, I would see the Providence tab. k, e both who sows, and reaps what is especially special in finances. But for those who have flown in and out, there is a rush. (Mch cards, he draws one). That’s right. the card Eight Hol with the astrological aspect of Mercury in Stelec fell. The advice is that the hunter should learn to wait, work and persevere, because the wheel rotates slowly and approaches us if we work continuously. But the moment the baldness comes, we should jump quickly after n. And from that the source and the test, because the test is ready.

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