How much are you willing to pay for a holiday? If about ten thousand crowns as a dark half of them you can choose from
at home and abroad. But you can also afford a cheaper holiday.

Relaxan stay in Luhaovice, or descent to moi? Such a dilemma and Radka Novkov. There are one hundred and nine thousand crowns available for both of them. In Moravian spas, you could pay more for it. It may also be possible that the budget would be tight here… Definitely the current mood and probably the last minute offer, k.

People who can spend around ten thousand crowns and more for a holiday are offered, for example, luxury hotels in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, apartments by the sea in Croatia or Italy. For ten thousand they will also find accommodation in a mountain guesthouse in Austria. They can afford to fly, for example, to Greece or to resorts in North Africa, but out of season with a last minute ride.

Lkav is allowed in comfort

This option is open to tourists who are willing to spend twenty thousand crowns. On average, for about 13 and 20 thousand crowns under a one-day air trip, for example, to a hotel with half board, possibly all inclusive in Spain, Greece and Egypt, Tunisia or Turkey.

As for Tomio Okamura from the Association of Czech Travel Agencies, they are even better than in previous years, two preferences for quality hostels with half board and an all-inclusive program before a holiday with their own benefits. The number of short weekend air trips around European cities will increase, adds Tomio Okamura. Tourists are willing to spend more on specialties in local restaurants, visiting historical monuments or buying souvenirs.

He drinks, he drinks, he drinks

If you set a limit that your vacation costs must not be exceeded, wait hard. Even if you are buying a trip at a travel agency. Usually you do not pay only 8990 crowns and similarly stated in the surcharges. Fuel surcharge applies to passengers traveling by bus. These items are usually not included in the price catalogs of the congress, nbr are listed under the ara in the section
Price does not include.

The price of the trip usually does not include travel or travel cancellation. For a one-day stay, you pay about two hundred and fifty and five hundred crowns, depending on the specific type of connection and the price of the trip. For example, at the exit to the Greek peninsula of Chalkidiki, the basic price is 10 390 crowns per person (twelve days by air with departure on June 24), mandatory air and security taxes in 1420 crowns, mandatory fuel surcharge of 590 crowns, optional half board payment of 2540 crowns and travel insurance for 330 crowns. In the final competition, pay 15,270 and without half board 12,730 crowns.

It also depends on the type of food and whether you pay for it in the basic prices. If you buy an all-inclusive convention, ie with food and drink included, you don’t have to spend an extra crown. It is not possible to count on half board if you want to have regular lunch in the restaurant, prepare about 150 and 600 crowns a day, depending on the country and size of the meal, plus a small fee for drinks, sitting in cafes, ice cream and the like. If you replace the car with a quick snack, it will usually cost about 100 and 150 crowns. Even a seemingly negligible amount will grow to more than a thousand crowns per person in ten days.

Watch out for sndan

The descent is sndan bv zrdn, because you usually live in a hotel or pension and do not have a kitchen. Dining in restaurants is financially important in most landscapes. To illustrate: Marco Polo, a guide to the Italian Toskn ad restaurant, where you pay for the menu including couver, bread and water, but without vna up to 20 euros (about 600 crowns) per person, to be cheaper.

For example, restaurants in France are also available for locals. On the contrary, for the same pension or even cheaper, find yourself in Bulgaria or Slovakia. Finn is also supported by Czech restaurants. In modestly, pay as much for a meal with a drink as in a better restaurant in Prague, ie about 250 and 300 crowns per person.

In the apartment you can choose from your own. It is usually worth not to drive them from home, because in large stores (such as Spar, Billa, Delvita, etc.)
prices for some goods are comparable, or about 10 and 30 percent higher than in the Czech Republic.

Buy an island

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