Banks and installments of the company prepare a summer offer. Holidays on rafts can be easily obtained, in a few minutes it is clear. How are the rocks so indebted?

Half of the people in the Czech Republic are going on holiday for a long time: for the sea, up, for sports, hiking and sunbathing. And it will be something stt. The most frequent issue they spend on summer trips is ten thousand crowns, which is certainly important for the family. Where does the pension arise? The vast majority of holidaymakers go on vacation before that time, only twelve percent think that you will be in trouble because of your stay at the sea.

Confirmed income? For?

Banks and companies of the company are ready to satisfy this interest. Offer installment sales allowed, not only includes payment by credit card. Convenient, fast, often with a minimum of bureaucracy confirmed income for example is not nearly needed. In addition, various offers of loans without winds also appear in this area. For example, Essox will pay for a holiday and 200 thousand crowns, you will meet seven months and do not pay anything extra.

The condition for providing a booth without a hurry is usually your own pension, which the client saves when buying. For example, through Cetelem, you can buy a holiday for twenty thousand, paying six thousand at a time, then all seven seven thousand installments. If we ask the question of who is allowed to pay in installments, the bank and installment sellers answer clearly: a holiday loan is suitable for everyone.

The cost of a summer stay has spread over a long period, you don’t have to read so much and get used to it. Financial advisers or psychologists are evaluated somewhat carefully. Fulfilling the holiday is not motivating and it is unpleasant to be modest about what was happening because of it. When someone gets in the car, pay off and he has a car left. When you go on holiday, pay off and he only has an album of photos left, for example psychologist Slavomil Hublek.

Drink only when you do not have problems with retirement

People who do not have other financial ties can go on holiday without any worries, they will easily play with their pensions, they just do not want to spend a lot of money. The loan is suitable for a hunter who wants to go on holiday and at the same time knows that the building will be connected to him and he will playfully pay off on holiday. On the contrary, people should pay attention, their financial situation corresponds to the system from payment to payment. When a client is a client in an overdraft, his unfavorable financial situation is further exacerbated, by Richard Bene, from the Broker Trust.

And although in some cases they recommend borrowing when it comes to vacation, financial advisers are against it. Debt is a common part of a family’s finances, but a hunter should be in debt for something he or she needs, such as living or doing business, not for a passing experience, as Richard Bene explains.

Buy an island

Credit card in caps good reserve

Even those who go on holiday only with their own pensions, appreciate the financial reserve on a payment card, either debit with an overdraft or credit. It is a reserve that you are not up to, but which you can pull out in case of emergency. So that you don’t have to send cash only when the car breaks down and the repair doesn’t seem like a trifle. It’s not just about pensions, you can also get travel insurance with the card. For example, the owner of a Citibank credit card can buy 1 million crowns per person per day to insure skull deposits with a limit of one million crowns, luggage to 15,000 crowns, once to 500,000 crowns and first protection. A similar insurance policy taken out separately in the binder costs usually several times more, the price for bv 18 and 34 crowns.

ei a dovolen

Half of those surveyed answered the question of a survey conducted by Factum Invenio: Are you planning to go on holiday in summer this year? Of those who are going on holiday, a full 57.3 percent intended to go abroad, 42.8 percent will take a holiday in the country.

The vast majority of people castle summer holidays only out of disputes, only twelve percent of the people are willing to go into debt for the holidays. Less than half of the people spend on holidays up to ten thousand crowns per person, aunt then between ten and twenty thousand crowns.

To the question Limit your expenses due to permission? the respondents answered as follows:

  • Yes, I will limit 47.3 percent
  • It’s not you 45.3 percent
  • Jet nevm 7.4 percent

Zdroj: Citibank

alone, with a trip?

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