In the burrow of this year, Factum Invenio conducted a survey to find out how educated we are on the financial side. Do we know what is meant by financial fulfillment and how can we orient ourselves in the banking world? Or are we easy to find financial institutions?

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Spote your pension in the mountains of time? Then you can compare your breeding with the population. According to the research, we are talking about the creation of financial reserves, however, we do not talk about them in the short – term or long – term time horizon. The research revealed that one third of them had no disputes and financial reserves.

Although more than two-thirds of the population has financial reserves, most of them would last only 1 3 months. The total average in disputes and financial reserves is 5.5 times the average income of three households. Who is the best at it and who is the best? Take a look at our chart here.

We also rely on the fact that our cost of living and activities after the end of the productive life of our lives will be financed primarily from the old-age pension paid. Only less than half of us benefit from the cost of living from our own disputes or the pension supplement paid to the pension fund. This passive approach might not pay off in the future.

Who is the fate of our pensions? Usually we decide on our financial assets ourselves without the help of an expert. Less than half of them are completely alone only on the basis of freely available information and according to their own judgment, only 5% of us spend their money in the hands of experts. According to the research of the bank, the media are the most frequent source of information about banking and other financial products. Quite often we give an opinion and a number of their relatives and acquaintances. We always prefer one person to get information about the financial world.

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Banks vnmme spe as superior and railways

Banks and the use of their services are essential for most of us, and three quarters of us agree that they always take enough time to meet our requirements and bank staff requirements, they are helpful, patient and always ready to advise. Only less than a tenth of them are satisfied with the professionalism of bank employees. However, the breeding of banks is a considerable burden on the population outside, as we feel the necessary door only when we have to pay the bank (according to 39% of the people). More than half of the population is convinced that the bank speaks its own language to many hunters incomprehensible.

Fees for banking services and transactions are perceived as pedraen, although the two banks prefer foreign banks to foreign countries when choosing banks. The discrepancy between dissatisfaction and loyalty is a problem for Czechs.

The most popular financial products are bn i sporoirov et, payment card and building spoons, the most frequently filled products are pension pipojitn a ivotn pojitn. Leasing a hypotka on the contrary, they are most often a financial product, which we know, however, we do not consider negotiating them. Graph of spontaneous knowledge of financial products can be found here.

How do you know in finance and what do you do about it?

We evaluate our knowledge of the financial field and the field of financial terminology as average and even below average, most often the values ​​at the collective mark were around three. Despite these results, we are satisfied with our knowledge and the subsequent objective evaluation shows that we tend to underestimate our knowledge. The need for financial education is not so strong, the need is only according to 13% of all. Pesto two-thirds of the population agree that the concepts of the financial and banking world should be included in the curriculum.

Objective level of financial distance nation of values ​​of the index of financial distance, which acquires values ​​between 0 100 points. The differences, of course, exist in terms of age and distance. Average for the whole population in 66 points. Is it too much or too little?

The answers can be followed by sla. With their knowledge, only about half (52%) of them can orientate in specific financial products and services, but more than two-thirds of them do not feel that their financial distance would prevent them from using financial products (see the graph of orientation in financial products) . This attitude is a source of sweat, into which all their duality and indifference come. For cheaper food, they are able to go to the other end of town, but in the case of financial institutions, they often look for the first product that is offered to them and often do not even detail the business conditions. As a result, inappropriate contracts are often concluded, which can cause a lot of sweat and turn their heads over their consequences.

As a result of the research, it follows that, although they are slowly coming to terms with financial products, it will only take a while for the furnaces to go, they will not get used to managing their pensions really efficiently. It is important to realize that each step concerning your finances needs to be considered in advance and, most importantly, to find out all the necessary information. Just as people automatically reap the benefits issued back to them at the cash register of business, they should find out the financial suitability of the offers that financial institutions give them – and not be fooled by well-known tricks, such as the weekly and monthly years of city rates and the appropriateness of low spltek. And first of all, always be thoroughly acquainted with the many conditions that you sign in the contracts just to avoid future problems and the feeling that they have been deceived.

Detailed results of the research can be found on the website of the Czech Banking Association (

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Do your views match the results of the survey? How to know financial products? Drink nm, dark on your reactions.

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