Not sure if you’re spotted enough to retire? Should you not add up your pension contribution? Don’t know if it would not be appropriate for everyone to invest free funds elsewhere?

If it works, it pays to contact a financial advisor. In comparing the situation with the model cases of Hana, Alee and Jiho, I can help me with the decision.

Tom Rampula from the consulting company AWD esk republika, which is the largest independent family financial advisor in Europe, answered MF DNES’s questions and commented.

We gave the expert the following questions:

  • How much will Ale, Hana and Ji spend in retirement, when will they continue to join the company they currently have?
  • How much will be spent, when the deposit from the bank, which I can afford to pay, and it pays off for them at all, shouldn’t the pension be valued differently?
  • How many pensions should they save optimally in order to spend as much as possible on the pension connection?

In all cases, we assume that there will be no change in the amount of stagnant pensions in the future, the average wages of all clients will increase, and they will all increase their monthly deposits at least for inflation. Assume that levies and responsibilities do not change.

Ale Klekner
38 years old, gross salary salary of 15,000 K, to the pension supplement with the salary of 300 K from January 2004, could be 500 K msn

Given them, Alee Klekner’s difference is not so great between his current salary and his future income. To maintain his life, it should be enough for him to retire about 750,000 crowns.

But when it will continue to pay only 300 crowns msn, you will receive 250,000 crowns in retirement, that is not the case. If Mr. Klekner wants to keep his life, he should increase the money to 850 crowns a month. He has to invest 150 crowns per month in the pension fund, the rest of the pensions, ie 700 crowns, should be paid for an investment life, or a possible investment program. This is a bag beyond his financial means. Me
to invest a maximum of 500 crowns, so offer this amount only between the pension fund and investment life insurance. Tm zsk 360 thousand crowns.

Hana Zenkl
28 years old, gross salary salary of 28,000 K

Hana Zenkl sweats with the fact that her life level will not decline in retirement. According to the proponents of financial analysts, at least 2.5 million crowns should be charged.

When the next CZK 500 is added to the pension fund, it should reach approximately CZK 580,000. This bag is up to 2.5 million away. It would be better if Msn invested 1,400 crowns, with the fact that she should save 150 crowns a month in her pension supplement and 1,000 crowns in her life insurance. The remaining CZK 250 per month should be invested in a regular investment program in mutual funds. I recommend raising this issue by the rate of inflation. If Mr. Zenkl states that he can invest 1000 crowns, he will not be able to cut the pension into a financial type and in retirement he will have to manage more controversially. The distribution of CZK 1,000 between a pension fund, a life insurance fund and a large investment in a fund will still reach only CZK 2.2 million.

Ji Polek
53 years old, gross salary salary 40,000, to the pension supplemented by the salary of 1500 K from the year 2000, could reach 2500 K msn

If Mr. Polek wants to keep his life equal, he will have to buy more than 4 million crowns before retiring.

If there are no other disputes for retirement, not a pension fund, it will be for him. He will earn about 550,000 crowns from the pension fund. In order for Mr. Polek to maintain his life even in retirement, he would have to sharply increase his real investment, to 18,500 crowns. It’s not in his possessions, I can only pay off 2,500 crowns. I recommend depositing CZK 1,500 in the pension fund and CZK 1,000 in the investment program. In this case, Mr. Polek should not move his pension into the investment life insurance. The twelve years he has left to retire are not long enough for his investment to appreciate. Even so, a savings of 2,500 crowns per month will only reach 750,000 crowns. He must therefore come to terms with the fact that his life will drop significantly in retirement.

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