You can compare different types of bonds on the model examples of the family, the childless striker and the young athlete.

Manel (45 and 41 years) with two children (17 and 10 years), going to Croatia for 14 days to the apartment, will bathe.

The family would have the best price ratio at the European Travel Insurance Company, it would pay the least at the Uniqa Insurance Company, but at the cost of a very small payment limit for the same talents. If at least one of the parents owns a regular Visa and Master Card payment card from HVB Bank and pays a travel insurance fee for 300 crowns, the insurance bond costs should be up to 1.7 million crowns, once the insurance and code liability for the whole family.

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He (33 years old) and her wife (25 years old) will travel to Spain and Portugal for 21 days, secretly because they can ride a bike for 3 days.

The most suitable starting point is at Allianz, not only due to the unlimited limit on the full amount of all cranial talents and additional assistance services, but also a summer discount of 50% for people under 26 years of age. If the young couple owned a regular esk spoitelny payment card, they could arrange a comfortable Comfort for 300 crowns. It includes a binding of up to 1.5 million crowns, a binding, code liability and luggage insurance.

Mlad (28 years old) rides his bike and rafts to Norway for 7 days.

In this case, the young should have time to develop which insurance company to choose. It should not only be a price, it is important that the insurance company accepts its sports activities and is then able to pay any costs. Appropriate connection to Komern pojiovny. With the Master Card Standard payment card from GE Money Bank, I can conclude a full-year insurance fee for 72 K msn, which includes insurance deposits up to CZK 1.5 million and, with zero co-payment and assistance, also covers sports activities.

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