Although pensioners have received a lot from the state this year, the average pension is now 13,377 crowns. A number of current pensioners do not reach the average on average, and still more people in the active age do not rely on them for a retirement pension. Only one in ten of them will know that the pension paid for by the stem will cost him a satisfied st.

The dream rule is to have 21,755 crowns per month available in retirement. From the point of view, they will expect that in the future they will receive an average of about 13078 crowns msn. This follows from the current survey of the NN Pension Company.

According to real propots, this would mean putting a relatively high age into retirement age. They most often do not retire at the age of 65, and according to statistics, they now have an 80-year-old dot. In total, according to their ideas, they would need to raise more than 1.5 million crowns for the pension, said Milan Tomek, director of LV pension products.

ei et na penzi pozd a mlo

The idea is one thing, the financial preparations for the dream sensor often falter. The fact is that you most often do not retire in the same pillar, ie in the pension supplement or pension funds. and so dog 4.4 million stadiums. The problem, however, is that a number of people have come to terms with the need to secure themselves in the midst of many.

Our survey showed that people would like to retire from the age of 32, which is commendable. In fact, from data from the market, we believe that the average share of a pension savings bank is more than 47 years old and only about a hundred thousand crowns are saved, adds Tomek.

People who are 15 years old until retirement, in addition to the pension supplement, create a long-term reserve on savings and banking and according to building savings. This reality is illustrated by the Ipsos survey for Broker Consulting.

Choosing a savings even even for the creation of a provision for income appears to be a very bad decision. Due to the low and zero year, which certainly does not cover inflation, pensions lose their purchases every year. If inflation is around minus around the Czech National Bank, the purchase price of one hundred thousand crowns will fall by about a hundred in twenty years, explains Martin Novk, chief analyst at Broker Consulting.

According to experts, it is important to retire as soon as possible. m according to spot, the more the valuable means manifests itself. It is ideal to pay 5 and 10% of salary immediately after entering the first job, recommends the president of the Association of Pension Companies R Ale Poklop.

ei nevyuvaj vhody od sttu

Millions of disputes may sound unattainable, but the state in pension funds supports a number of favorable ones. The problem is that many people do not fully develop these benefits and the rest is deprived of a lot of income.

Although the people in preparation for the hundred and two preferences of pension funds, it turns out that they often do not know about the benefits by which the state supports this type of savings. At the same time, the retirement savings in this third pillar of the pension system supports the ride of the not so popular building savings. Ron can get up to 6,360 crowns from the savings fund, while the building savings ceiling has a ceiling of 2,000 crowns, explains Milan Tomek.

Spoen on retirement: sttn contribution and tax rebate (in K)
Own msn payment1003005008001000150020003000
Sttn msn pspvek090130190230230230230
Ron quite a bit of data0000090018003600
Total ron benefits01080156022802760366045606360

The lowest support from the state is therefore available at a rate of 300 crowns, but for all the full benefits it is best to send a pension of 3000 crowns per month.

The employer does not write much

disputes on retirement will significantly increase the contribution of the employer. The employer contributes to the employees’ pension savings and CZK 50,000, which is CZK 4,166 msn. Unfortunately, the average contribution from the employer is more significant, said Vladimir Weiss, a financial advisor to Partners. According to the statistics of the Association of Pension Companies, the employer contributes to its employees in an average of about 900 crowns per month.

To the extent that deposits in pension funds increase, it is also bad whether the future pensioner saves pensions in transformed pension funds or in the products of supplementary pension funds. In the first case, there may be no questionable appreciation of the deposit, but the returns are at the level of savings.

By switching from the old pension fund, ie from the transformed funds to the supplementary pension fund, the average client, according to propot, can get even a million crowns.


Nen penzijko jako penzijko

In the transformed funds, however, for the most part, in the first quarter of 2019 it was over 3.4 million people, who have a total pension of 409.843 billion crowns. The deposit was assessed last year. Only one transformed fund appreciated the pension scale by 1.1%. For the others, the evaluation ranged from 0.51 to 0.98%. But this year indicates you inputs. In the first quarter of 2019, the transformed funds generated a total profit of more than 1.409 billion crowns, which is almost half of the total profit per year.

Equal deposits in supplementary pension funds were low. In 2018, conservative funds lost an average of 0.58%, export funds 3.78% and dynamic funds 8.49%. Absolutely all funds, since their inception, show a profit. This is a long-term investment product, so you need to keep up with the weak years. In the long term, then spend good years and level the mountains.

Valued by supplementary pension fund (in%)
Pension company2015201620172018From zaloen
Allianz – dynamick fond4,981,514,07-6.868,04
Allianz Conservative Fund1,22-0,04-1,630,302,59
Axa – vyven fond2,024,48-0,1-4,247,46
Axa – conservative fund0,590,02-1,38-0,841,51
Conseq – globln fond-0,0810,819,96-9,6948,12
Conseq – conservative fund0,510,09-0,90-0,980,71
esk pojiovna – dynamick fond-0,326,368,2-9,139,94
esk pojiovna – conservative fund0,97-0,14-0,3-0,343,56
esk spoitelna – dynamick fond-1,047,428,2-6,0815,82
esk spoitelna – konzervativn fond0,5-0,05-0,620,191,81
SOB – dynamick fond7,665,365,53-11,2410,45
SOB conservative fund1,350,00-0,94-0,833,20
KB – dynamick fond1,60,877,51-9,517,76
KB Conservative Fund0,36-0,15-1,57-0,83-0,52
NN – rstov fond-11,539,3514,04-9,220,15
NN Conservative Fund1,150,21-1,93-0,070,21
zdroj: APS R, vybran fondy

In combination with this contribution, it is the most accessible, safest and most profitable way to prepare a financial reserve for the state, notes Ale Poklop.

The increase in supplementary pension savings with a fixed contribution will increase. Last year, it was arranged by over 203,000 people, and in the first quarter of this year, the number of stadiums rose to 1,016,688.


With the right strategy and long-term horizon, hundreds of millions of crowns can be saved in this savings fund and thus achieve in the future their own disputes for a regular pension.

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