Make sure you do your best to prevent a guest from entering your house or apartment. However, the ingenuity of similar incarnations knows no boundaries. In this context, it is worthwhile to pay attention to one of the banking services for renting safe deposit boxes.

Urit at home you will find some family perks, a collection of coins and stamps, paper securities or other documents and documents (according to the contract as a purchase contract for real estate, etc.), you can rent them so much that you do not want to drink in the circumstances. Insurance households, however, do not always cover the value of home-grown things, so it is best not to leave valuables at home with the best protection. Then you have to have a problem with them.

You will find safety deposit boxes at all of your banks

Not all banks that have a presence in our country offer a service called the rental of safe deposit boxes. So where do you not go with the request to hide your valuables? The service is completely wrong with eBanka, GE Money Bank and so at Potovn spořitelna.

However, do not take it too seriously even if you have decided to use the services of other banking states. Banks do not rent safety deposit boxes in the world of branches, but at best in most branches. Not all branches have a suitable space for renting security boxes, they can also differ in size and the boxes themselves in the branches of the bank. Therefore, it is best to first check whether the bank will rent the safe deposit box anywhere in the vicinity, or whether the dimensions correspond to your ideas. This can be done, for example, through a free information line, or stick directly to the branch.

What is the time before you know

The terms and conditions for renting safety deposit boxes may vary diametrically, even in those locations. In addition to the price is a significant and often overlooked factor in the security of safety deposit boxes, respectively. their contents for ppad krdee or corrupted. Most of the contacted banks answered the question that access and insurance is standard, there are no specific limits for the public, or one is individual. Only BAWAG Bank stated that as it does not record the contents of the client’s mailbox, it is not responsible for the deposit.

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What to put in the mailbox and what not

The client = the recipient of the safety deposit box must comply with the rules usually contained in the safety deposit box rental agreement. It also enshrines the proper use of the box to store valuables and documents, not the bag to hide weapons, litter, objects of bbunch, easily burned and flammable or otherwise dangerous (eg, radioactive and otherwise harmful substances, objects easily subject to damage), their hiding requires specific climatic conditions or the strength of the magnetic field, pop. subject, their hiding would be in conflict with generally binding regulations or general terms.

When are you in the right branch

Did you find the right size at the first branch with the free capacity of safety deposit boxes? Know their price and what do you not put in the box? If you bring with you, in addition to the identity card, the necessary cash, you do not have to enter into a written contract for renting a safety deposit box. According to your opinion, it is usually possible to conclude a contract for an indefinite period, but also for a definite period. There must also be a signature pattern of the owner, or persons with a disposition first to the box. After paying the fee, you will pick it up.

The method of casting the price for renting a box depends on whether you have decided to rent the box for a definite period, or indefinitely. In the case of a contract for an indefinite period, pay a fee, the maturity is always in advance. If you conclude a contract for a definite period, then pay a fee in advance for the entire agreed period. Usually it is not a problem to pay the set price ready for the city, or by direct debit from here.

Once you have completed this entry procedure, the escort / employee of the bank to the mailbox, who will usually unlock it with one key and will most likely leave you in some discreet sign. Usually, the bag is not specified uniform procedure, or even equipped with individual branches of banks in various.

Entry is usually permitted to the client after submitting a letter to an employee of the bank and filling in the entry form with a signature corresponding to the specified specimen signature.

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How much is the safety deposit box?

The price for renting safety deposit boxes is often set individually and determined by the individual branches. Therefore, the specific links did not even appear on the information line, but you will be referred to the specific branch. Usually the bag is preferably long-term rent before short-term rent. Ble viz table.

In addition to the fee for the rent itself, you can go with the so-called deposit for the loan. This is a deposit that the bank drills at the moment you decide to end the lease. A similar bank handled an unused rental fee, if you terminate it two, it was not agreed. This rule does not apply without exception. Do not use the rental fee vm nevrt BAWAG Bank or esk spoitelna. The savings bank has come out, and is currently preparing for a change in this area.

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