For a simple personal purpose, the best way to achieve them is to clearly define them and choose the best path that leads to them. For complex and long-term cells, this approach usually does not work. it is often advisable to take a detour to them. That is the case, explains psychologist Jan Urban.

If we want to reach as high an age as possible, then we will make a vigorous effort to avoid all diseases in the wild. Often we do not achieve this goal even if we dream to visit lkae as often as possible. Hypochondria do not live up to this age.

The reason is simple: although medicine can cause a number of diseases of the elite, international comparisons of average life expectancy, however, show that after reaching a certain age, the skull gave it more help. Longer life is determined by a number of factors, especially lifestyle, level of education and the ability to avoid stress.

This pays to try to achieve the highest possible personal test. The person he is trying to fulfill, for example, by striving for as many pleasant experiences as possible, usually not often. Better results are achieved by those who cling to other duties and achieve a feeling of confidence by the way, as a by-product of other activities. Most of the time, because they end up making the bumps they came across during their execution.

porn striving for a long-term goal can even hinder his achievements. If, for example, we start from the (otherwise correct) idea that the feeling of feeling contributes to good personal relationships, we can decide that we will do our best. When we will try ourselves and if we approach this goal only in an effort to honor our lucky people, we will not achieve much haste.

The roads take a detour

In practice, this applies to the duty to pay as many pensions as possible. The people who have earned the most in the history of their businesses were not the ones who strived for it the most. The desire to create a new and extraordinary product or to apply their specific talent helped them far to their wealth. People obsessed with the vision of two rich preferences to get rich by the fast method, such as the pyramid ramparts and business with political influence. They can be financially successful, but not as much as those who have achieved their wealth by detour.

An example is a series: Sam Walton, the founder of the world’s largest retail company, declared years ago that he was working hard to create the world’s best retail chain; the creation of the greatest possible personal wealth has never been his main goal. Henry Ford’s minority shareholders in his company even complained that he was trying to raise the wages of his employees to pay dividends, and Warren Buffet, the most likely investor of all time, often claims that he did not pay what he owed for pensions, but for the deprivation he paid. ability to monitor the development of the value of its assets.

This salary also for organizations. Businesses that try to be very profitable, while they are more profitable than those who argue about it, do not pay attention to the pizza in this regard. The highest financial speed is usually achieved by those who have long been focused on other goals: the quality and innovation of their product and good relations with customers, employees and other partners.

On the contrary, strong profit orientation leads companies often to bankruptcy. Ten years ago, for example, it happened to Lehman Brothers, the vision of which was to achieve the best possible results for their owners. Therefore, if the company announces to its shareholders that its goal is the highest possible profit, its shareholders should be careful.

It doesn’t work for pm travel

There are several reasons why you don’t have to go to customs. The main thing is that the achievement of sloitch and long-term goals, and its above-average profits, personal weight and high lengths of one’s own life, usually cannot be considered a simple strategy.

The road leads them to them, because not only will they fold, but often they are also unknown. Figuratively speaking, we come up with not only unexplored, but even a variable market, in which we also get information on how close we have come to our goal. In this situation, it may be more appropriate to take a detour.

The essence of the indirect strategy lies in the fact that we focus on activities that we know we are in the times, even the best of all around us, and which also reduces the possibility of self-realization. If we focus on them, we will very often achieve cl irch, both financial and personal. We come to them by watching the goals that are not related to them.

The success of indirect roads is often related to the fact that the achievement of significant and long-term goals requires cooperation. The effort to reach them more often confesses to the arrogant environment, and does not write about cooperation. If we want to increase the willingness of employees to work with the company on one rope, then the company’s vision to maximize the value for the share is almost unreasonable.

The reason they may not work for pmoar een is that they are often found on their mouths. Strong pressure on the saw visibly reduces their quality. We will find the best one if he does not lie to his mind. often it is not expected before them.

The problem of some long-term problems can also sleep in their essence. Some of them seem to be only long-lived, and they are not so interesting near it. The effort to achieve them is paradoxically so that we can achieve them. In time, let’s remember how we strived, and sometimes we wonder what we saw on them.

Dleit pedpoklad

The accuracy of indirect paths to long-term climates depends on their authenticity. So on whether the person who is watching them is actually in.

In other cases, they become a tool that people usually recognize. If, for example, we deal with a person for whom the indirect path (performing in personal honesty) is only an instrument, then this person should not be sure that he will achieve his goal. The people around her can never be absolutely sure that they will not decide to change their approach first.

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