For two years, it is not true that retirement is just a boring financial product, with new funds, the possibility of investment has opened up. But Darkness from Partners talks on how to use them to help you retire.

While the old pension supplement has guaranteed unquestionable returns, newer funds should in the long run forcibly exchange more for a little adrenaline. Horses can actually invest, not just park pensions in government bonds. The start was slow and some of the funds are changing at the merger, because you have not reached the end of the required amount of assets, but this does not mean that it is a bad product.

You just have to take it out first. The vast majority of clients choose conservative funds, they contain three quarters of the current five billion crowns. State support is such a great attraction (and the marketing of pension companies makes it even more expensive) that it is easy to completely forget about a suitable investment strategy.

If you are just about to join and stay in your pension for more than 20 or 30 years, you should invite at least the fund. But even those who remain retired for only a flight can pay. We’ll take it to the treasures.

Pklad 1Spoen at the last minute

Mr. Nov has been retiring for seven years and wants to go to bed. It will deposit CZK 2,000 a month in the supplementary pension fund (DPS), but because of the fight against risk, choose a conservative fund.

To illustrate, let’s assume that one percent ron is evaluated. Because the client will receive a small amount of support of 230 crowns for the first thousand crowns and the second will be deducted from the tax base, effective appreciation in seven years will not only be one percent, but much more: 5.9 percent of ron.

In addition to the income from the state support, Mr. Nov thus spends approximately 207 thousand crowns (for the sake of simplicity, we assume that 1,800 crowns saved in tax will be invested in the pension fund at the end of the year).

So even without the risk of sun exposure, the conservative fund is also a good choice for her. Other pension companies are obliged to transfer the client’s funds to conservative funds five years before his retirement age, unless he expressly refuses to do so.

Pklad 2Young and responsible

But for a young client, it’s a little different. Mr. Mldek is 30 and has a thousand thousand crowns. According to current assumptions, he will retire at the age of 68. When you choose a conservative fund, with the same appreciation, after 38 years, 684 thousand crowns. This is not a bad amount, but how does the resulting input measure? Just two percent ron.

And the fund itself will be evaluated in any way, in such a long term, the support will be reduced and only about one percent will be added to the effective return. Otherwise, when you choose an ultra-conservative fund with a low expected return, the support from $ 1 million will not be given.

If Mr. Mlad had to invest dynamically, for example, with a 5% return on return (even with a change in the form of a transfer to a conservative fund in the last five years before retirement), more than 1.3 million crowns. Each percentage of ronho evaluated, in addition, means a difference in the amount due to the long horizon of statisticians.

Of course, the return is not guaranteed, but the example shows that the choice of investment strategy is wrong.

Dleit is to nod his head

Urit is not a good idea to take the head risk, but at least you should have stocks in your portfolio.

Forget the theoretical lessons from the textbooks, the old man does not put all the eggs in one coc. If you don’t know that you have a long-term pension from the first sawmill and you want to save, it is a bit of a special turnover to invest 100 percent in pension disputes in government bonds. The Czech Republic is a safe place, but in 20 and 30 years I have changed a lot.

If you are retired for at least 15 and 20 years of age and you have your own home without a mortgage at the time of the pension, there is no reason to be a shareholder pension fund. If you retire in 10 and 15 years and the DPS will be a significant source of your dispute, make no mistake about the fund.

Among these, of course, there are many other options and factors that should be assessed by the financial advisor and the personal bank, not to sign a contract with you.

How are pension companies doing
Sprvce / fondCharge*Entry 2014Max. under actionCurrent by action **
“Other” conservative funds
AXA Bonds0,8 %3,7 %0 %0 %
Conseq Bonds0,8 %5,0 %0 %0 %
P Spoc0,8 %2,4 %0 %0 %
SOB Guaranteed0,8 %1,6 %10 %0 %
Vyven funds
Allianz0,5 %2,1 %40 %30 %
AXA0,8 %4,7 %65 % does not leave
P0,8 %2,4 %40 %17 %
S0,8 %4,1 %40 %17 %
UNDER0,8 %3,8 %40 %33 %
KB0,8 %3,5 %50 %34 %
Dynamick fondy
Allianz0,6 %2,8 %80 %71 %
P0,8 %2,0 %80 %29 %
S0,8 %7,0 %80 %41 %
UNDER0,8 %3,3 %80 %33 %
KB0,8 %5,8 %90 %46 %
Conseq Glob. shares0,8 %13,2 %100 %89 %
ING Svt. action0,8 %4,7 %100 %59 %
* All funds apply a 10% performance fee; possible temporary holiday charges are not taken into account ** Last available date, typically as of 31.12.2014; u sti fund estimate. Two ING funds will be omitted, which will be merged in the near future. Source: pension company voucher

Not so bad for signs

But how to choose a specific pension company? By input for the last two years? Or by characters?

The name does not hate much, all pension companies belong to large and reputable financial groups. Most of them named the funds according to the same pattern, also on the market there are six Vyvench, five Dynamickch and two, which took the word Bonds in the name.

The basic guidelines for investment funds are so similar. There were quite a few differences in the fees, which are hard-regulated.

The deposits are not dazzling yet. Some funds have calved with investment, they have not accumulated in the volume of contributions. In 2013, the world stock index strengthened the MSCI index by 20 percent, while most of the fund was pumping to the city. In January this year, the announcement of a quantitative easing, after which European shares strengthened sharply, was again stifled. Kolsn short for investment pat.

Dleit is a strategy and do not succumb to kolsn

In the long run, funds should copy their market better, so if you want to regularly join the event, there is no reason to choose a fund that is dynamic as just by name. An overview of how much or less mutual funds invest can be found in the table.

And if you choose a pool of those characters, don’t make a single mistake. You don’t have to tunnel, the funds are strictly regulated. What is important for how you will be retired is to set up a suitable investment strategy, so when the first market is not afraid and continue to save.

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