During my stay abroad, I may encounter some pleasant situations. You can avoid the necessary complications during their operation by concluding a suitable connection. In order for it to run smoothly, you must follow the rules set out in the contracts.

Don’t just travel with a blue order
The European Health Insurance Card is a part of the health insurance card. If you do not have it, give it to your insurance company. The order may provide you with the necessary health care, but do not expect the same comfort as a commercial travel insurance company. In most countries, you will have to replenish your money, and if you are in a state of transport to the Czech Republic under medical supervision, you can pay for one holiday for the rest of your life.

Insure your sports risks and the loss of your suitcase
Consider whether you can have a basic bond, or whether you will be able to insure yourself once and for all, liability and loss of luggage. The important criterion in the selection is what you intend to do for business. You will need another insurance when you go to the moi, and another if you are going to go down a wild eku. If you play sports, find out if the connection applies to sports, and if not, invite you to join. For example, at Allianz you have to insure yourself for volleyball, football and basketball. If you travel long from home, you prefer to take out insurance with the limit of insurance indemnity.

Take care of insurance limits
The insurance limit for skull deposits is the maximum amount that the insurance company can pay if you become ill or injured abroad. Understandable salary, you have insurance limits, the better. If you travel outside Europe, transport by air ambulance to the Czech Republic to climb to two million. If the insurance only covers costs up to 1.5 million, you would have to pay the rest from your own pocket. It doesn’t have to pay off to pay.

Me vs drink dear

Pay attention to insurance exceptions
Exceptions to the insurance company, in the insurance terminology the so-called locks, apply to all insurance companies. The sweat is that each of them covers other risks, which one pays, the other does not have to pay. Among the general situations to which the insurance does not apply, for example, if you cause mental injury, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if you go to a country that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared dangerous. This is a problem when you run sports that are not covered by insurance. Restrictions also result from the state of health. The insurance may not apply to complications after six or seven months of pregnancy or subsequently related to a chronic disease.

Follow the rules of the game
Before leaving, find out as long as you need to inform the insurance company or its assistance service about what has happened to me and how you need the documents. You can give Nenron outpatient care yourself, but if you keep it in the hospital, call the assistance service immediately. It is important to note this time, directly to your mobile phone. There will also be insurance contracts at the headquarters.

Read the insurance conditions
Don’t wait for it, but the insurance conditions are important. You will find all the information about your travel insurance. From how to proceed in the event that something happens, the so-called wafers from the bondage, that is, what the bondage does not apply to. It is best to study the conditions before you go, not sign an insurance contract, or at the latest before departure.

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