Ads do not work very well, today new employees are looking for a dog social. So if you are considering changing jobs, you should have a LinkedIn profile. The HR specialist uses it most often for the addressed candidate. How to create a profile first, advice from Ladislav Kuera, Director of Personnel Consulting Hays.

LinkedIn is a very effective tool for anyone looking for a job. Therefore, the profile should always be complete and updated. A personal brand, that is, a brand, is what sets us apart from others. It should reflect values, skills and experience. CV, exit and personal contact, it is a part of the characters. How we present ourselves on social networks and how we act in many cases will be known to potential employers, kadadislav Kuera from Hays and offer tips for the first profile on LinkedIn.


If you are considering whether or not to include a photo in a profile, confirm to him that the profiles with the photo are significantly more credible and several times more important for the fact that the potential employer will contact you, Ladislav Kuera. The photo should be in sufficient quality, spe neutral and professional. Photos from verk, sporting events and family character are not suitable.


The motto is one of the mandatory fields that you will have to fill in when setting up a profile. Therefore, always remember that the motto in this case is not in your personal attitude to different life situations, but in the current job position and the name of the company you work for.

Therefore, avoid messages such as Don’t win, but defend yourself or Whoever wins, wins the profession and company instead. Such information will be appreciated by a potential employer. If you are not currently employed, skip the company name.


Here you have the opportunity to summarize your most important skills, responsibilities and rushes. If you are currently free on the job market, you can add how the positions are interesting. Do not break down into waves, basically strings and vcn. You can add reference videos and presentations to the summary, if relevant.

4Vzdln a zamstnn

Data on distances and previous employers are automatically sorted chronologically from the most active. Therefore, they must always contain the time (from-to), the name of the educational institution and the employer, the exchange of studies and the list of job descriptions in individual positions. This will allow potential employers to find out more quickly which position in the company you could be suitable for.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile and CV, ie your CV, agree. This avoids a heavy recruiter during a personal or telephone interview, Kuera.

5Make yourself connected

One of the most important aspects of LinkedIn is the ability to create people. Do not overdo it with sweat, even here it is true that quality is more important than quantity. Therefore, make connections only with those that you think are relevant to you.

6Join professional groups

Professional groups offer the opportunity to learn more about your field. You have a ring of questions, discuss with other members. Most groups are both professional and professional, so you can search both by relevance of content and by location.

7Follow the companies

LinkedIn is primarily used to help people find the right jobs. If you look for companies and people who work in them for a similar role that you will play, you can compare their profile with their responsibilities. This will give you an overview of what you should do if you want to work for this company sometime in the future, adds Kuera HR.

8Skills and their confirmed

Fill in your skills and let other professionals from you confirm them. This gives two such skills to the basis of feedback from other users, and it is an opportunity to show potential employers not only a list of skills, but also the benefits that these skills have brought to your previous employers.

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