Do business, have a car, drive with it and want to spend your money on money? Otherwise, you will know when to use vz in your business property, otherwise, when it is a private car.

Personal car under the company

If you travel on business trips by car, which is invested in the company’s business assets, you can claim all fuel costs. Therefore, keep your receipts for petrol and diesel (if you lose them, you will not cut anything) and you will not forget that they have to match the data you want in the driving book. Enter the date from which and where you went, travel the distance, or refueling.

It is necessary to prove whether the vehicle is used for business or whether you will drive it with both. In this case, determine the ratio between business and private rides and the data applied to the operation of the vehicle, including depreciation, then dream accordingly.

There are also items for repairs and gossip of the car. As well as long-term stamps, insurance, strong taxes, hiring a garage, just all operating costs.

Private increase – only depreciation and fuel

Are you an OSV and drive your business on business trips that are not in your business assets? In that case, you can claim the costs for the wear and tear of the car, the so-called depreciation. In 2008, the pot was 4.10 crowns per kilometer.

You can claim the cost of driving the fuel. Divide mileage by the average consumption according to the technical order and multiply by the price of fuel. The price is set by the regulations of the ministries. In the case of gasoline, it is advisable to proceed according to the decree of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, if you drive on diesel, pay off the pot according to the instructions of the Ministry of Finance. If you buy fuel dr, prices are not guaranteed, you have to do it, hide the receipts.

Remember that when you use a car for your business, you have to pay strong taxes. If you don’t do it and find out financially, you will have to pay extra for money.

Prices according to the Ministry of Finance R (instruction D-320)
Gasoline Specil BA – 91 29,73 K
Gasoline Natural BA – 95 30,34 K
Petrol Super plus (Natural) BA – 98–100 32,65 K
Gasoline Normal (Natural) BA – 91 29,85 K
Diesel engines 31,68 K
Prices according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs R:
Gasoline 91 octane 30,60 K
gasoline 95 octane 30,90 K
Gasoline 98 octane 33,10 K
Oil 31,20 K
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