Are you interested in where and when real estate prices will rise or how and when to get the cheapest mortgage? First, the volume of mortgages has fallen for a long time, is that so? Martin Iranec from Hypoten banka not only answered this.

How is the current mortgage product offer? What can I do for a mortgage and secure it in such a way? How are real estates valued and where does an expert add me to prices and take them away? Is it appropriate to use external intermediaries? Answer mete st HERE.

Martin iranec answered your questionslabel


Martin iranec is the head of the External Sales Support Department and also a lecturer at Hypoten banka. He graduated from VE in Prague, then completed a course for experts and appraisers in the field of real estate at the Institute of Property Valuation. During his practice, he specialized in banking and especially in mortgages at Hypoten banka, where he worked first as a product specialist, then as a methodologist and lecturer. The current function has been separated separately since 2006.

Rd travels and spends his free time first in a family circle with his two children, or he likes to play tennis.

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