Did you earn a pension last year and are afraid that you will not be able to fill in your tax return? It’s not as complicated as it seems at first glance.

You can fill in the fields run, on the machine and in secret, you only need to make the data accessible.

Daov piznn page 1

Here you can find information about the tax return (for example, that it is for the year 2007) and about the taxpayer again from the civil order. We wrote about this page on the 6th of November and we will deal with it in more detail about how to fill in this page.

Download daov formulas HERE

Daov piznn page 2

2. oddl zklad and, ztrta

dec 31
Drink your ron gross salary from all employers. This is a sought after pot of pjm. The data can be found on the confirmed wage thorns. If you changed your job during 2007, ask your previous employer for confirmation.
Model: Petr Dvok will pay 69,000 crowns from our treasure.

dek 32
Fill in how many employers have deducted from the social security and health insurance, you can find it on the certificate of wage thorns.
Model: Peter sang 8 625 crowns.

dec 33
Vtiny lid this box does not touch. Fill it in if you had any income from abroad in a country with which the Czech Republic does not have a contract for the so-called double taxation, and you paid tax on it. Confirmation of tax paid is lpe mt edn peloen. You can find a list of contracting countries on the website www.mfcr.cz.

Dec 34
From 31, 32 and 33.

dek 35
This blanket applies only to employees who had income from abroad.

dek 36
Opite dek 34. Podnikatel, te vyplte plohu slo 1

dec 37
By step 37, the entrepreneur, for example, the value from step 113 of the tax return area 1.
Model: Mr. Dvok drank 44,291, because he had a business income of 100,520 crowns and read the expenses in half, so he reduced his income by 50 percent and read the paid social security and health insurance premiums.

Dec 38
The capital assets you could put on this blanket are either the years of business or the years you acquired when you retired someone privately. I do not include dividends, the tax on the person who pays the dividend.

When you rent something, fill in the area slo 2

dek 39
If you rent something, your apartment, a cottage in the mountains, first fill in area 2. Until 39, bring blanket 206 from this area.
Model: Mr. Dvok earned 30,000 crowns for rent, and in this case he claimed expenses of 30 percent from the rental income. The registered amount from 206 is 21,000 crowns.

If you sold something during 2007 or have other subsidiary incomes, fill in the area number 2

dek 40
Here you drink your other income, when you have some. Peneste dek 209 from the area slo 2. Most often it is income from the purchase or sale of private property. You will be taxed on the profit from the sale of the share and the share certificate, which you owned less than 6 msc, or the income from the sale of the family from the garden, if it is 20,000 K per year.
Model: Mr. Dvok records income and expenses associated with the sale of insurance policies here, CZK 17,100.

dek 41
Set the income from boxes 37, 38, 39 and 40, ie not for employees. Drink the result into this plate. The negative value is also positive (in case of loss).
Model: Mr. Dvok sete stated income and sew 82 391 crowns.

dec 42
The sum of dku 36 and dku 41, when it is positive. If the blanket 41 is in dispute, then only the value of the length 36 remains, because no one can dream of income or loss from the employer.
Model: Pan Dvok records stuk 142 766 crowns.

dek 43
The employee does not. List only the entrepreneur who is subject to the obligation to pay a minimum tax. Thus, those who do business on a full-time basis, have been operating for at least 3 years and have not interrupted their activities during the year, are obliged to report a tax base of at least 120,800 K. for the same year. . Do not fill in the entrepreneur with the exchange of taxes in December 43.
Model: Pan Dvok ml ivnostensk list od dubna 2007, minimln daov zklad za 9 msc by byl 90 600 korun, ale on ml pjmy vy, dek tedy nechv voln.

dek 44
Entrepreneurs who have a tax base of 42 years, not a minimum tax base, can claim an undiscovered loss from previous periods in the last 7 years.

Dec 45
The employee does not. A businessman with a completed length of 43 is leaving him here. Entrepreneurs who can deduct a loss, deduct from file 42 Dec 44. The deduction of a loss must not be in the value of file 41.

3. sections of tax-free tax base, deductible items and total tax

dky 48 a 53
Here are the facts you can dream of. Paid life insurance, supplementary pension, years of residence, gifts, etc.
Model: Petr Dvok pays his pension salary and can apply it here. Even when he is an old-age pensioner.

dec 54
Set data from dk 46 and 53.

Dec 55
From the tax base in section 45, deduct the non-taxable amounts from section 54. If you are applying a common tax liability, enter the value from section 520 of area 5 here.

dec 56
give from 55 to the whole hundred crowns down.

dek 57
Calculate the income tax according to the table HERE
Model: Mr. Dvok spent his tax on 16,349 crowns

4. oddl da total, loss

Dec 58
Drunk Dec 57, only those people who tax the income a few years back, and those who had income from foreign sources, first fill in the area number 3 and switch to this city the value from length 330.

Dec 59
Most people do not touch, only those who had selected incomes from abroad, first fill in the area slo 3 and the value from the length 418 will be transferred here.

dek 60
Set pieces 58 and 59, round the resulting stitch up to the top of the crown.

dec 61
If you are an entrepreneur in a loss, drink to this place or drink the loss without a sign.

5. section on the application of tax rebates and tax credits

dek 62
Only fill in entrepreneurs who have employees with a physical disability.

dec 63
Only fill in the entrepreneur who opened the cash register by 30 June 2006.

Sign or not sign?
If you are an employee and it doesn’t matter if you sign a work contract, a work agreement and an employment agreement, you sign a so-called tax return every year.

On the formula that you submit in the wage market, determine whether you want the employer to pay the tax on the annual tax, or whether you will file a tax return yourself.

So pay attention to how you will sign in the box. When you sign in the window will not print, the tax will not pass. In the language of the tax advisors, you have not actually signed the report. They signed the murder simplified to the fact that you filed a ron print.

You are not signed by the manager who wants to apply for a joint tax, nor by employees who have a trade license. It is advisable not to sign for students who only spend a few months a year. By filing their own tax return, they will receive a tax rebate for the whole year, while if the employer gave them a toll, they would be entitled to a rebate only for a month.

Daov piznn page 3

Unmarked dky in tab. 1
The window of the data on the old-age pension is filled in only by those pensioners who have been in the pension for the whole year, ie since January 1, 2007. .

dec 64
Fill in the amount that each taxpayer can dream of, for the year 2007 it is 7,200 crowns. Old-age pensioners can apply this discount when they have a low pension, for 2007 they had less than 38,040 crowns, or when they were not in retirement for a whole year.
Model: Petr Dvok will pay me a discount on the fee, because he did not receive his pension for the first month of the year. It would be enough for you to work only one day in 2007, so he retired on January 2, 2007.

dec 65a
Mank is woven, one of them works and the other is at home with little children or unemployed. If the manel in 2007 did not have more than 38,040 crowns, you can dream of 4,200. Keep all the incomes of you and your pensions and sickness in the income of this man.

Do not include only two social support walls, such as parental benefits or child benefits. If the duration of the marriage is short and the marriage is nurtured for only one hundred years, you will receive only 350 crowns for each month of marriage. If the husband is disabled (with a ZTP / P order), you will deduct more than 8,000 for the whole year or 700 crowns for each month of maintenance. In that case, fill in blanket 65b.

dec 66
If you take the wall of the invalidity pension, pay 125 crowns for each month when you received the pension.

dec 67
If you are fully disabled, pay 250 crowns for each month when you were disabled.

dec 68
Only the person who owns the ZTP / P command sails. Drink 800 crowns for each MSC when you are a ZTP / P driver.

dec 69
If you are a student under the age of 26 (in the case of doctoral studies up to the age of 28), you can deduct another 200 crowns for each degree of study.

dek 70
Set discounts from dk 62 and 69

dek 71
From the exempted tax from dku 57 deduct the discount from dku 70.
Model: Mr. Dvok from the tax of 16,349 crowns will deduct a total discount of 7,200 crowns and he will get a tax of 9,149 crowns.

Unmarked dky in tab. 2
Fill in the name, first name, birth name and the period during which the children lived with you in the household.

dek 72
Drink the tax appropriately on the children you live. There is 500 crowns for each msc when he was with you. Only one of the parents always discounts me. He gave the condition that the parents must earn at least 48,000 crowns a year.

dek 73
Enter the tax deduction for children that you apply here, but the value of the length is 71. What’s more (discounts for children are not prescribed tax), there will be a tax bonus.

dek 74
Sweat: Dec 71 minus Dec 73 and enter the result in this box. The money she paid you is what you have to pay in tax.
Model: Petr Dvok enters the tax he has to pay, CZK 9,149.

dky 75 a 77
Daov bonus will get the one who vypoetl that is not (dek 71) ne daov zvhodnn na dti (dek 72).

6. oddl additional DAP

dec 78 a 83
Do not fill in these data. They are for those who realize a mistake and give an additional tax return.

7. oddl paid day

dec 84
According to confirmed wages thorns, how much m the employer deducted from the tax during the year.
Model: According to a confirmation from the employer, Mr. Dvok will pay 9,000 crowns.

dec 85
Do not fill in the employees, the entrepreneur will state the advances for the tax for the year 2007, which they paid from their business.
Model: Mr. Dvok did not pay the deposit in 2007, so he does not record anything.

dek 86
It is only a small entrepreneur who has a financial date set by the financial adem. Be careful not to use a tax with a payload from a business that is relatively common.

dky 87 a 90
These boxes are woven only had a group of entrepreneurs.

dek 91
From dk 74 read the values ​​from dk 77, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89 and 90 and write the result here. In the event that a positive value comes out, you will replenish, in the event that the value comes out in dispute, the pension will receive a financial contribution.
Model: Mr. Dvok is worth 149 crowns, which he has to send to the financial office by 31 March. If the arrears were less than 100 crowns, you do not have to pay them. It works similarly with an overpayment of a hundred crowns, it is financially inaccurate and the pension does not return.

Good work
Just because you are employed does not mean that you will not give a tax. Go through all your activities that you have twice forgotten about. Zdann is subject to the example of seasonal work (with the exception of the agreement on the performance of work, when you do not receive more than 5,000 crowns for it). Even investors who have not met the six-month period between the purchase and sale of a security must tax their income.

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