To compare with the competition, you need to know how much and for what you pay your bank. It is best to spot it according to the inscription from here. Only banks often speak a language that is incomprehensible to the layman.

So what kind of killers do you encounter here in your entry and what exactly do they mean?

According to the date, transactions that took place here in the given msc are stored in the water. In the lower part, the bank charges fees for the provision of services, unfortunately without specifying how they relate to a specific transaction.

Order to the castle
It instructs the bank to transfer a certain amount of money from yours to another. If it is not a single payment, but a permanent payment, the transaction is marked as a permanent order (transfer). These are regular monthly payments (rent, pocket money, building savings, etc.). The fee depends on whether you entered the order on pepce or electronically.

Credit card payment
You do not pay anything for using the card at the store. Where you shopped, you can touch the fabric directly here (under the box protiet or slo / nzev protitu). In the entries of some banks, the payment is marked as a payment card transaction.

Selected from ATM
This is a vbr from an ATM. The abbreviation ATM is from English (automated teller machine). depending on whether you withdrew from an ATM of your own or a foreign bank.

Incoming payment (castle)
These are pensions that I can get to mines from elsewhere, for example from your employer and the first social security. In the entry of esk spoitelny k sporoirovmu, there are individual incoming payments defined specifically, namely as savings / wages or doors / pensions. Even incoming payments are in most banks (see Some bank fees are meaningless).

Inkaso a SIPO
Collection works similarly to a permanent order. The difference is that the payment is not set to the exact amount, but in the form of a limit to a certain amount. What is useful, for example, when paying for a mobile phone, which can be different, or energy consumption. SIPO can serve all regular payments into one.

SIPO payments can include payments for rent, electricity, gas, water, telephone, radio and television, newspaper subscriptions, as well as pension, life insurance or building savings. You can easily find out who can pay with a SIPO dog on the website in the section To whom you can pay with a SIPO dog.

For guided here
A fixed fee that the bank charges for its mere existence here, regardless of whether you use it or not. In the case of a package, it thus includes a predetermined number of prepaid transactions (for example, the issuance of a standing order, withdrawals from an ATM, processing of an entry). The problem is that you do not ask how the services and products are free in the package from the entry. If you don’t know, contact your bank.

For electronic (telephone) bankovnictv
A fixed fee that you pay to the bank for using the Internet or telephone banking. Me bt included in the price for keeping here (package).

For etn poloky
The fee for the item is charged for all movements on this, including the use of a telephone bank, automatic voice service or internet banking. For this operation, pay the bank twice for the item and for the item. Only card payments at the store are not.

For items
Fee for all transactions that took place in the given period. As for payments from own banks to other banks, pay two additional crowns to the NB clearing center for the interbank transaction. For the issuance of the entry The fee that the bank charges for the issuance of the entry from here can also be included in the package price. Postage fees If your entry is required, you will of course pay the postage, not the bank. But beware, the variant where you pick up the entry yourself on the pepper, in the paradoxically dra.

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