Eva Frkalov, a tax adviser, explains how to pay income from abroad, what a double tax and similar problems around debt abroad.

Should I even pay us for the work I did abroad?

It is a final duty. As a resident R tax, you must state your worldwide income in your tax return, including income from employment abroad. With many countries, R has a double taxation treaty. As a result, you don’t pay vc, not if you make money in Czech. If you pay her tax abroad, in Czech, just match it to the rates. Information on which country we have concluded as a contract can be found on the website of the Ministry of Finance in the section Tax and Customs, Dan, Dvoj zdan.

Income from countries with which we do not have a double taxation agreement, are tax companies in the Czech Republic again in full? Which countries, for example, are they?

Yes, pensions issued in countries with which we do not have a contract signed, you must tax twice. Once according to the rules there and the second time according to our income tax bill. There are not many such countries, such as Argentina.

You eliminate the type of tax in our country by reducing the tax base for the tax paid abroad.

You can find a list of stt, with which the contract signed by mme, on the website of the Ministry of Finance R: www.mfcr.cz.

I write Daov piznn in korunch. Where can I get a course that converts foreign currency to crowns?
Information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic: www.mfcr.cz. For 2008, enter instruction D-321 in the search box.

How does a hunter become a tax resident in another country?
Bad on the legislation of the country. The most common rule is to spend at least the required amount of time in the country, usually 183 days in a calendar year or in a 12-month period. It doesn’t have to be in one piece, you can, for example, travel from a given country for a weekend or vacation. Days spent in this way get involved in your 183 days. This opportunity is temporarily cultivated in the country.

When did I get a pension abroad and I wouldn’t admit it, do I have any money to do so?

Me. There is an international co-operation between the financial series and this co-operation is actively working.

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