Determining the vice is not easy for the apartment owner. First of all, he must respect the situation on the local housing market, on the other hand, he cannot afford to rent an apartment under long-term costs. How at least finely “pay off” the owner of the apartment?

They must respect local customs
First of all, it should be emphasized that it is not possible for it to deviate significantly from other names in the given locality – especially in the upward direction. If it is finely set, the apartment will remain uninhabited for a long time and the owner of the apartment will receive a code.

According to the information of the Institute of Regional Information, the highest revenues of a standard flat were paid in Prague (on average over 10,000 crowns), while the area of ​​the historical center reaches on average 14,484 crowns per month.

MstoDate vydnNjemn
(in K / m2)
Finely standard apartment * (in K)
Prague20. 5. 200815710 676
Mlad Boleslav26. 5. 20081359 180
Beroun26. 5. 20081308 840
Kladno26. 5. 20081268 568
Frdek-Mstek26. 5. 20081228 296
Kutn Hora26. 5. 20081188 024
Beneov26. 5. 20081177 956
Brno26. 5. 20081167 888
Zln26. 5. 20081167 888
Ostrava26. 5. 20081117 548

Pozn .: * Personal and social life of 68 m2 s 40% pipeline opotebenm.
Source: Institute of Regional Information

On the other hand, the lowest prices are in Most, Prachatice and Semily, where they do not reach even the thousand crowns per month. Not to mention now the regulated properties, which are often to drive it.


Date vydn

(in K / m2)

Njem sttnho bytu
(in K) *

Most26. 5. 2008553 740
Prachatice26. 5. 2008573 876
Semily26. 5. 2008573 876
Chomutov26. 5. 2008594 012
Dn26. 5. 2008614 148
Autumn26. 5. 2008684 624
Cheb26. 5. 2008694 692
Teplice26. 5. 2008694 692
Jindichv Hradec26. 5. 2008704 760
Louny26. 5. 2008704 760

Note: * Personal and social life of 68 m2 s 40% pipeline opotebenm.
Source: Institute of Regional Information

I have to cut the price of the property

If someone wants to rent an apartment, they have to deal with its price and longevity. In the case of an apartment for 1 million crowns and a service life of 80 years (the most often designed service life, which can be extended by repairs, gossip and technical improvement – let’s neglect it now, or it bears additional costs for the owner). crowns ron – in real prices, ie kadoron increased by the rate of inflation.

Find out the prices of the apartment in each city HERE.

The fine of about 1,000 crowns / month will cover only the costs of building / building millions of properties. It does not include the necessary taxes, fees, gossip, repairs, without which the service life is shortened. It does not include the price of pensions. The owner of the apartment has the pension for which he shared the apartment, invest in another way or spend in consumption. The fact that it does not, but buying an apartment, must be paid. How is the price of pensions?

There are two ways to determine the price of pensions when renting an apartment. The first of these is the “cost”, ie how much such pension costs to buy an apartment – and in this case, the optimal tool is the mortgage rate and its years rate. The alternative is to look for returns on other investments.

years, mortgage rates are around 5.51 percent. This corresponds to millions of hundred years of pension prices of 55,100 crowns. In addition, these prices do not include fees associated with the mortgage, which the owner would have to pay in the event that he will finance the property in this way.

An alternative is to choose another type of investment. This is somewhat complicated, or the input depends on the investment horizon and other parameters of the investment. For the 80-year horizon (real estate will dissipate in this time period), it is optimal to choose an investment in the event. According to historical data, it yielded about 8% of ron in the long run. The price of pensions in this comparison would be around 80 thousand crowns.

If we include the price of pensions and depreciation of real estate, we get to the annual 67,600 K, ie about 5,633 K per property at a price of 1 million crowns. If you have an apartment for those millions, which is not a problem for you in Prague, according to this proposal, it should be about 16,500 crowns.

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