These days, get a new paycheck and see for the first time how much extra income the tax reform has brought you. With the salary, the more than 15% of income tax, a different way of paying wages and you tax rebates.

When you compare your tolls for January and December, you will find that you have received a little more pension, even if the employer did not add a penny.

In January, for the first time, the changes brought about by the tax reform appeared for the first time. He added columns to the existing shortcuts and words to the dog. a full novelty is the so-called super-rough salary. MF DNES includes a pin guide that we intend to become familiar with in a new free dog.

Hlavika H
In the header you will find information about who, to whom and for what period paid the dog. Alternatively, the health insurance company has an registered employee.

The payee is Josef Novek, issued by Firma, sro, and it is a salary for January 2008. Mr. Novk is a VZP policyholder.

Pole A

Here you will find details about hours worked. Josef Novk works a 40-hour week with a monthly salary of 37,000 crowns gross. In January, with 23 working days, he worked a total of 184 hours, plus 10 hours of travel. The new year was a happy holiday, but it doesn’t matter – employees with a small salary will still receive the same. Only if the city off work, they will be entitled to compensatory leave or a surcharge. Josef was not sick or took a day off.

Prmrn vdlek (Prm. vdlek)

they are used for the calculation of the so-called compensation of wages for working leave – most often first for a holiday, or for a wedding or funeral. This average includes not only a basic salary, but also possible rewards. Take into account the income for the last three months. Therefore, it pays to take a vacation in a quarter of the pot, you get a high premium. “Paradoxically, you can take your pension in a week, not if you go to work,” confirms Hana mov from Hakomzdy. Zapo. The hum is the average for sickness. Mr. Novk has an average yield of 225.85 crowns per hour.

Pole B

In this section you will find a breakdown of the individual wage components. Josef Novek’s salary consists of two components – a 35-thousand basic salary and two thousand crowns personally valued, which is a variable component of the salary that the employer has, but does not have to pay.

In addition, there is a pay per 10-hour fee and a 25% surcharge for working hours. If the company has a collective agreement, it can be me. Instead of a paid fee, you can agree with the employer on the use of compensatory leave. In addition, in January, Mr. Novk received a thousand prmi.

Pole C
In the field Deposits – Penz. Mr. and Srky, there would be a sum of possible benefits for life and pension connections, building savings and vry, which the employee does not want to tear down. Mr. Novk does not pay anything like that.

Pole D

This field contains summary data for tax and insurance payments. Gross wages are the sum of basic salary, personal evaluation, pension for possible work, assignments or remuneration, so we can be different.

Josef Novk spent a total of 40,767 crowns gross in January. From this amount, all the following invoices are made and you do not make a mistake on the bottom of the payee. Gross wages and taxable income are mostly the same. She would be different if you were to get sick – you don’t get sick.

  • steak reap.

    The column shows how much the employer pays for social and health insurance. Social security is required as 26 percent, health insurance as 9 percent of the employee’s gross salary. And the super-gross wage is the sum of this premium plus the gross wage and your basis for the calculation of the tax deposit.

  • For Josef Novek, the super-gross wage is the sum of 40,767 and 14,268.42 crowns, so his tax base is a total of 55,035.42 crowns.

Pole E

All levies, taxes and tax rebates are posted here. The advance on the tax is a new pot as 15 percent of the tax base, ie from the super-gross salary. At the point, it is rounded up to hundred crowns.

Josef Novek paid a tax of 8,265 crowns. You will not lose the bag for this whole amount, go from the tax rebate. Josef applies two discounts – 2,070 crowns for each other and 890 crowns for one day, a total of 2,960 crowns. When you deduct this tax from tax evil, the employer will deduct 5,305 crowns from the tax.

In addition, Josef Novk has to pay social and health insurance – 3,262 and 1,835 crowns. Altogether, it is 12.5 percent of gross wages (this time not super-gross, “only” taxes are paid), social costs are 8 percent and health is 4.5 percent. Of the gross salary of 40,767 crowns, Mr. Novek will have 30,365 crowns left.

Pole F
In this field of wages, the program saves data on tax rebates, which are used to make them less expensive.

Pole G
Here you will find out how much will come to you after all the sickles, taxes and binders.

  • Poznmka

    Your paycheck will look a little different – depending on how your company uses the payroll program. The basic data are the same everywhere. Some employers do not use the term super-gross salary, instead you will find a “tax base” on the payroll.

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