The nurse received the five thousand crowns and not. J mm just in your bad luck, a retired neighbor stood for me. How could this happen and what could be done to make this one-off contribution from sttu find its address?

And think of anything about the five-year pension contribution, I’m sure you want it to be if some of the pensioners got it and others didn’t. Also the neighbor was rightly annoyed and so confused. Mr. is a dog of 80 years, modern technologies are foreign, so even if the retirement is going to the bank, he can not verify the outgoing payment otherwise, than he goes to the oven and ask. Or write on the paper from the one that comes and arrests the next month. How could complications have occurred with the extraordinary event?

1.Retirement run on et

If you use the Internet and mobile banking, you can easily track payments yourself under a component called moves on here. Only a lot of old people don’t know how to use technology. What will he learn about the bank’s money?

The contributors contributed to the pensioners as a special payment. Therefore, there will not be a pension on the entry, but two outgoing payments for the pension and a special one-time contribution to the pension (the payment is marked as SPD).

When you ask at the bank and the sweat bank, do not settle for the fact that the pension was not paid, but ask for sight of the payment. This was a neighbor’s problem. She asked at the door only at the entrance, and the bank employee reported it only to her. On closer inspection, it turned out that the pensions arrived five days later.

2.I didn’t drink sloenka

The undelivered contribution may have occurred due to the fact that the elephant arrived at the old address of the client who was growing up, was in the hospital, or (even because of covid measures) stays outside the city of permanent residence. Many people report the possible change to the delivery only on sweat, but not to the person who pays the door.

The mistake also lies in the fact that the one-time contribution can be delivered by another branch office, not where you have agreed on the current address of the stay. The voucher is valid for 25 days, during which time somewhere in the pot.

The staff of the Press Office of the Social Security Administration follows the following procedure: We recommend that clients who did not drink the voucher contact the pension insurance call center (800 050 248) regarding the voucher filing sign and then call on the Czech team to see if they still have their voucher.

If you do not know the phone number for your branch, contact 800104410. Those who receive a pension through the Department of Social Security of the Ministry of the Interior (for example, police officer, professional firefighter, BIS member) can find information about the application signs on the line 974816356.

3.Pota turned the payment

The voucher is valid for 25 days. When it is not possible to repay it during this term, the pension will not be available for social security. The pensioner can then apply for the re-payment of a one-off fee. It is necessary to enter the correct address where the voucher can be delivered in a fairly new post office. The formula is not prescribed, it is enough to write in a free style.

It is enough, depending on who pays the pension, most often the branch of the Social Security Administration.

4.I just retired

Newcomer retirees, who have just applied for a pension and were supposed to take it from December, have had so-called work in progress. In such a case, the people will receive a one-off contribution within one month after the start of the payment period, the SSZ staff will explain. This applies to payments to the account of those members through the sweat.

5.Half again or not?

If the five-year contribution is not paid, the Social Security Administration will determine whether the reason for the return is the change that has taken place in the records since December of the 2020 installments (for example, change of residence, appointment of a special beneficiary and guardian, change of pay) …). When employees find out about such a change, retirees will start again without enough.

If the bag has not been notified of the day of the change of SSZ since the December payment, it will not repeat the attempt to deliver the voucher and check out enough pensioners.

6.Nothing has changed, no pension

If the post has not arrived and you do not know in favor, you can ask the person who pays the pension for information.

The extraordinary contribution of 5,000 crowns was approved by the deputies with all pensioners. That is, not only for the elderly, but also for the disabled and the recipients of the orphan’s and widow’s / widower’s pension. The amount is fixed, it does not depend on the amount of the paid pension. You did not have to pay about the pension, they saw in December automatically in the same way as the standard pension.

Pensions in 2021

All types of old-age, invalidity and survivors’ pensions increase. The basic amount increases by 60 crowns, the percentage by 7.1%. In practice, this means that the average income increases from 14,497 crowns to 15,336 crowns per month, ie by 839 crowns. Naven penz will happen automatically, you don’t need anything.

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