Building societies are highlighted as one of the advantages of their infernal firms, the fact that for their acquisition, the income is sufficient for applicants, not as is required for mortgages. However, this is not always the case, sometimes a mortgage may be available. So do these two different types differ from each other?

In order to get a booth from a building connection, it is necessary to connect for a few years first, and it cannot be compared to a mortgage in time. Building societies, however, offer a “mortgage type” hellish vulture, which can be drawn immediately after the negotiation of a building savings contract and their potential deposit can be zero. They should be an alternative to mortgages.

Requirements for the provision of hell and mortgages

Peklenovac vry, which we will talk about here, are intended for vt investments, such as the construction or purchase of real estate. As with mortgages, building societies provide them and from time to time, most often in both cases it is 300 thousand crowns. As a safe building society in these cases, they require the construction of real estate. In order to use all the building savings, we can always only finance housing needs, which are strictly defined by the building savings bill. In the case of mortgages, it is theoretically completely arbitrary, but in the case of those that are intended for financial housing, banks examine the purity. As for administrative costs and required documents, there are bad on the specific rules of some banks and savings banks.

One of the arguments of building societies, in which their values ​​are more suitable compared to mortgages, is their greater availability. Building savings are in total perception as a product for a wide range of customers, the opposite is true for mortgages. In practice, however, it turns out that the claims on the creditworthiness of the applicant are not the same for banks than for building societies. This is evident from the following tables.

Minimum income needed to get a hell of a boil and a mortgage

The table shows the minimum amounts of a certain amount of income that the mortgage applicant and the infiltrator must prove to individual banks and building societies. This is in the amount of 1.4 million crowns, which is provided up to 70% of the mortgage value of the property for a period of twenty years. These are the results of a theoretical example, you will find the exact back and concrete for mortgages here and for the infernal vry here. The results were added by the banks and savings banks themselves, the data are from the burrow of this year. In the first table, the income is required for a family with one child up to six years, in the second income the self-applicant. Building societies are highlighted in color.

With a minimum net income: including CZK 1.4 million, maturity of 20 years, zero sweaty deposit

manel s dttem do esti let

minimln is pjem (K)

bank / building society

18 263Raiffeisenbank
18 322Modr pyramida
18 500esk spoitelna
18 530Stavebn spoitelna S
18 674HYPO – past Prague
19 587GE Money Bank
20 636HYPO – in Prague
20 890UNDER
20 890Mortgage bank
21 000Raiffeisen st. spoitelna
21 758Volksbank
22 000Komern bank
22 000ivnobanka
22 558MSS
22 870Wstenrot st. spoitelna
22 935Wstenrot hypoten banka
23 214eBanka
27 000HVB Bank

Source: banks and building societies

The required income of both spouses together is between 18 and 23 thousand crowns (with the exception of HVB, which focuses on creditworthy clients.) The table shows that the results from building societies are completely comparable to the results of banks providing mortgages. MSS and the Wstenrot building society even require the income of most banks for the same income.

With a minimum net income: including CZK 1.4 million, maturity of 20 years, zero sweaty deposit


minimln is pjem (K)bank / building society
13 284HYPO – past Prague
13 807GE Money Bank
14 000Raiffeisen st. spoitelna
14 168HYPO – in Prague
14 199Modr pyramida
15 458Volksbank
15 485Stavebn spoitelna S
15 500UNDER
15 500Mortgage bank
15 660Wstenrot hypoten banka
16 000ivnobanka
16 452MSS
16 939Wstenrot st. spoitelna
17 000Komern bank
17 214eBanka
18 000esk spoitelna
18 263Raiffeisenbank
22 000HVB Bank

Source: banks and building societies

The income range in the case of a person who enters himself is, as in the previous case, five thousand crowns (again with the exception of HVB). The differences are more noticeable. Building societies with most of them are in the lower half of the table, for most of them individuals would need a net income of up to 15,500 crowns for more than 1.4 million crowns. The most important are the building societies Wstenrot and MSS. While some building societies will insist on the arrangement of life insurance with the self-employed person, in the case of mortgages, the bank will leave many of the risks to the client, and the day of them does not require any insurance.

As a result of one example, it is not possible to make a single twist, but it is clear that it is claimed that the hellhound for the purchase and construction of real estate would be somewhat more accessible than mortgages, generally will not apply.

Parametry peklenovacch vr a hypotk

From the above, it is especially clear that the conditions for mortgages and infernals are not entirely different. What about the other properties of these two types of vr?

years rate

In the case of mortgages, the rate is fixed at the end of each fixed period, for years the building savings rates are fixed at all times. Although this is not entirely true either, as especially for these hell-type types of “mortgage type” some savings banks set the rate fixed only for a period of six years and then it is adjusted according to current conditions. The annual deposit and the “bottom” of the building bond do not change. At present, the rates of these “days” fluctuate between three and five percent. Due to the fact that the total fulfillment of the hellhound with the subsequent boom from the building may take less than 25 years, the rates of the building savings are lower than for mortgages that would be fixed for such a long time.

Sttn support

Dal’s highlighted argument in favor of building societies is state support. However, the owner of the mortgage does not have anything to do with arranging a building savings. In the period of hell the long time, so in addition to the paid year, he must save on his deposits et. Daov rebates paid for one year are mon for both types incl. There are also other subsidies for mortgages in the form of years of subsidies, which are currently zero.

hypotenho vru


An indisputable advantage in the case of building savings, “days” and infernals, is the possibility of making an extraordinary installment or, in addition, paying customs duties at any time, without penalties. The time of completion of hellish heat can be shortened by rapid maturation. The early repayment of the mortgage is thus possible, but only when refixing the rate years, in other cases, the banks did not have fees.

One of the inconveniences of hellish vr is that you do not wash. For the entire period of their tenure, which can be quiet for less than ten years, they only pay for years, the debt does not decrease. Tm are known tracks. On the other hand, it means that you give the same answers in the case of the same mortgage. The final result will therefore be known individually.

It is clear from the above that, in addition to the possibility of flexible fulfillment in building joints, the hellish vents and mortgages are different. It will therefore be important which of these two doors will be the most expensive for the long term. Let’s take a look at this in one of the other comments.

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