This is ten kilometers. In the parks, around the supermarket, at the traffic jams. There, children and young people will be looking to help them with problems in cycling, with conflicts in the party or with your employment. And listen to their dreams and am. This is what the streetworker, a social worker at Zuzana’s boarding school from Ratolest Brno, looks like.

Prior to that, Zuzana won the main prize for special contribution in the field from the Czech streetwork association. He has been working in the field for one year. After studying at university, she joined the Storm association in Nita, where she helped users of high school and people in the sex business. She grew up in Brno six years ago so that she could make a living from her dream job.

In Slovakia at that time our work was not paid, we were volunteers and we had to work to go elsewhere to go for it and for food. The financing of these services there was quite complicated. But I wanted to devote myself fully to social work, explaining my decision to leave a young woman’s hometown.

In the organization Ratolest Brno, he works with other colleagues with children and billions aged 12 and 26. wall in the low-threshold club Likusk, which operates the center, and wall on the street, in ternu. Anyone who needs help or support in a problematic situation that they can’t handle can join the club. For example, a girl who doesn’t know how to get pregnant follows them. Or a boy who has bad marks and is afraid to go home. We listen to them and meet with them to find something that would be acceptable to them. We do not suggest what to do, describes Zuzana astn.

k, e low-center centers are often referred to as an adult adult, because there children can try out how it is to communicate with adults as if they were adults. The club now visits about 250 children and young people. And he put plates and hundreds of Zuzana’s rats in the tern.

I definitely won’t take the costume

Run ns a total of seven. We know where what is happening, we know which cities are and where the young meet. Mostly at the supermarket, at the transport hubs, in sheltered parks. And then there are the cities of time that we are discovering. Let’s get to know them by the fact that there are energy, cigarette butts, it’s full, to the streetworker.

When Zuzana sees two fighters sitting on the benches, who have a traveling rehearsal, she goes after them, telling them that she is a social worker and what she owns. It is important to be as transparent as possible so that the addressees can reject the contact. But don’t defuse us. They usually have a thorn in their side. Interest us, we want to know how to do, what to do, what to do. We are for them exotic adults who want to get married.

According to age, Zuzana directs help. When they are twelve-year-old children, I tell them that I am able to help them with a bicycle or offer them space in our club. And I’ll tell them that if they have a problem with the girls, they can also talk to me about it, to Zuzana.

When they meet a group of nineteen-year-olds, they will offer to help you with the transition to another round, with the prospect of work or work, with the new series of work. What we have in tern is a wide range of help, because every year of life a young hunter needs something else, adds Zuzana.

He goes to the market in the eight city districts of Brno three days a week from Monday to Thursday in the afternoon. It doesn’t make sense in the morning, because the kids are on a bike and the old ones have a hangover.

We cover a lot of shoes, because we walk more than ten kilometers a day. We go for every weather, it is also adapted to it and dressed. Definitely sinevezmu costumes or a shirt with fit and beauty. Just sneakers, days, shirt. I realize that I have a long time with adolescent young men, and if I wear pilhavas, I will be interested in them in a completely different word. And they will be nervous about it, the young woman smiles.

Problmy: ikana, prvn lsky a patn prce

The purpose of her job at tern is to make her want to see her again. To make them pleasant and to want to talk about their lives, about dreams that they often have no one to do. To those who do not want to drink to the club for Zuzana, make contact with the fact that they can contact her at any time.

But it’s not a business card or a squadron, as bn. There is a lot in this field. When we handed them the squadrons, they finally left them all in the city when they left. Squadrons they do not need. Also give them two lighters. You keep. In addition, there are different leaders, so that our contact reaches more people, explains the social worker.

A co sn dti nejvc e? You, even in eighteen, are uncomfortable with their parents, they are thrown out of the house. They don’t know where they will live. Stand on an ikan in a bike or on a bad mark and fail. And then on a job they don’t have, he describes the problems of young Zuzana.

Then the dark relationship with the contours is repeated and the first language matures. If we come across some problem, we refer it to psychologists or other experts, adds Zuzana.

The clients are far from just children from socially weak families. With the help of a number of young people who have good land, they are born, they are interested, but they are mature for their sake and are rejected from the peer group.

Minor rated and uncertainty

What does Zuzana enjoy at her job? e je kad den jin. And if the client is different and getting in close contact and waking up the court and the bottom means repentance full of another process. On the contrary, there are defects when a child or a young hunter who does not see the way out of the problem is in front of him. And I know that his situation is awkward for me to help him find the way.

Zuzana and her colleagues have mandatory supervision first due to some painful pbhm. Some pbhy from the outside can teach you something that you have been a child of, or something that is happening to you, will suddenly work in your life. Therefore, let us share the pbhy, discuss it, and let us take it. You have to learn that if you want to work here for a long time, add a streetworker.

And he points to going to one unpleasant fact that works in the field. And the fact that the EU is preventive work with a billion years of misunderstanding. After us, the result is constantly wanted. It is not enough that we support these young people in it, let’s help them. Look at us with distrust and misunderstanding. We are not taken as necessary. In the lands of land, there is work with a billion saw, because it prevents breeding in an inappropriate way. We are in the front line, we are catching, notes Zuzana.

And for some reason, the work of social workers is badly paid. The starting salary of a university graduate is around 17 thousand crowns gross. And you’re not sure to go. Because we get pensions from the state through the master and every year the package is different. Of course, we give different subsidies, but they are uncertain. Also, no matter what will happen, Zuzana said, according to the first, due to low wages and financial uncertainty, there are not a number of people in the field who would do this job well and help the whole society.

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