Karetn companies targeted a new target group. They want to sell more prestin credit cards. The holder of such cards pays more and more than the holder of bnch cards, but they give more.

They also perceive prestigious payment cards a little differently than they would correspond to the ideas of card companies. According to them, a typical driver of prestin (most often gold) payment cards is a frequent traveler, a very busy and busy businessman with an above-standard income.

We most often associate gold and platinum cards in the penny with high prestige, above-standard services and unattainability. This is especially due to the fact that an above-standard high income is a necessary condition for obtaining such a card. In addition, the usually individual approach of banks to the assessment of future holders of prestige cards also raises some concerns.

esk market lags behind Europe

The market of bank payment cards is still more than eight million pieces, but only 2% of this sweat falls on cards first. In the Polish payment card market it is 5%, in Slovakia less than in the US, in particular 1%. The European average is 15%.

Twenty percent of the total turnover realized by payment cards in Europe is estimated at 20 percent. The average turnover of a single prestin card is half the price in the standard. Prestin cards with our neighbor “protee” more pensions in R (in relation to the total turnover realized by payment cards).

Tab .: By prestinch cards on the market by country
ZemAccording to the total pot of cards
According to the number of transactions
According to the realized turnover
R 2 45
Poland 5 10 16
Slovakia 1 4 7

We pay more with cards abroad than at home
The turnover of one-hundredth card in the Czech Republic is tiktr in the standard, in Europe it is half. This proves that the prestige of the card is really special in our country, thus revealing the differences between standard and prestige cards.

If we take into account the turnover of transactions made with Czech prestigious cards abroad, then it is even 5 times in comparison with standard cards. In Europe, on the other hand, this difference is only twofold.

For that we should buy a prestin (credit) card

Their holders most often use payment cards to withdraw cash from ATMs and to make payments at merchants. Preference will be given to the first prestige of the card when paying at merchants abroad, as well as to find your application when buying tickets online.

Among the advantages mentioned by cardholders, thanks to them it is worth considering the number of prestigious (usually credit) cards, include a good period, high limits, quality travel insurance, financially advantageous (eg a suitable exchange rate free of charge) and last but not least extensive assistance. services. Kvitovna is also widely accepted, safety and especially the prestige, which is inextricably linked with this product. The price of these cards goes hand in hand with their price. Vce si pette HERE.

Ideln prestin card

The idea of ​​domestic payment cards, what a regular prestige card should look like, has two levels. The first security, ie the card should have some identified characters, e.g. photography, fingerprint of the holder. It should also serve as a personal identifier. The second level consists of benefits, namely a minimum 10% discount in retail chains, discounts on cultural events, etc., which are usually provided by providers.

Source: MasterCard survey

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