During an interview for the City Life magazine, Barbora Votkov spread his hands and grimaced for a long time, as if the world were one big scene. It is immediately clear that he is a showman. Twenty-one-year-old Youtuber, who is watched by a hundred thousand people, is much more than a funny dream. So you are the Brno esk ensk national football team and the Slavia club.

A dog has a hundred thousand customers, that’s a big audience. Who’s on vs dv?
and Slovaks. In the statistics, you can also find out how old they are and where they are from. The biggest fan mm at the age of 18 and 24, the kind of strongest group is 13 and 17. Work and 70 percent girls.

Future football players?
Yes! According to the reactions from the first, or when someone encounters on the street, they are mostly sports types with sneakers and a bag on the walls. Let’s go to ei and get to the fact that they play football or basketball and lb to them what long. I’m glad I’m an idol not only for YouTube, but also in sports.

How often does it happen that someone knows the street and joins us?
Bn. I don’t understand where I got such a high audience. Take some kind of wave, everything went up a lot. Follow me under all the people and take care of the fact that many people are looking at me in public. But you could be careful not to notice her. Address with respect and well-being. But this is not always the case. I know youtubers who walk down the street and the children start shouting at the city or watching them in the shop.

Is there a gang of teenagers behind them?
Don’t respect them for days, they take them as their friends, someone known. We often do this among ourselves in the eili community, but don’t give me that. Because I’m afraid. (smch)

I follow vs on Instagram too. Aktuln mte 104 tisc follower.
I don’t know where they all came from. I watch a lot of foreign football games myself.

Who can you Instagram?
Ada Hegerberg, kicking for Olympique Lyon. Coming from Norway and it’s a blonde princess, last year she became the worldwide game of the year. One of the best football players in the world.

How long have you been recording videos?
From the age of 14, then I started the first canal. I was a week old and always took acting and I wanted to try theater or a film, which I didn’t manage to do in our small town. Then I discovered YouTube and found out what to do and how many people watched such videos. Ten thousandths.

Once I noticed a popular esk facebook page, watched by a million fans, and started sharing my videos. Ten thousand fans jumped out of my dog ​​the night and then another ten. But with this change, I started it, I wanted to entertain the audience as much as possible. You are all alone, from stage to time. Just when I need to give an actor, I make arrangements with other youtubers.

Don’t have a marketing manager or a big team?
Not at all. I only have one friend, I don’t want to speak the word manager, we will also stay with a friend who can walk in it and cooperates with other youtubers. It connects internet influencers with companies. In how it goes, and star on pt youtuber. Let’s talk about a commercial campaign with representatives of companies, look for one for both parties, and let’s face it: If we put such a scene on this product, it could work.

How does such cooperation piznv in the views?
YouTube has a set window, which will be checked before each video shows that it contains a paid promotion.

How do young people react to advertising? Vad jim?
When I promote something, they notice, but it’s not particularly bad. Someone spies for fun: Bro, you don’t have to roll on ?? Ha-Ha. The hunter has to recognize what I am promoting and what I are not. If I started promoting you vacuum cleaners, it probably wouldn’t work. But when it comes to things that sit for me personally, don’t have a problem with that. One spn esk youtuberka to beauty and lifestyle, vymdn sleinka. In the famous video, she showed what she had bought during the month, and she pulled out a lubricator from Sr. It was such a case.

According to vs chemistry, in whom is it complete?
I like your thing, which I like, and I focus on the darkness that you can get used to (for example, funny stories from cola and work or about parents, editor’s note). And the fans will say, Hey, I’m full of j! and rdi then share such a video.

Do you play a smaller role in the film Pepa, wouldn’t it be appropriate to think about whether the kiln just doesn’t have to go through the game?
In my opinion, the film depended on many factors. YouTube can give it to him according to his own, and that’s my lb. Mm as to combine it with football. He doesn’t have to drop out of football mode because of his birth. Mon once. Acting is not allowed, but I like that actors are so bohemian.

Aren’t you a little bohm too?
I am, but with discipline! He bt pl day bohm and then again a professional footballer.

Youtuberka is actually only Col. Bry, the other is a football goalkeeper. You started playing football at the age of eight at a club among boys. How long do you play together?
Do patncti. Then at the common edges it is not physically mon. Boys are stronger and faster and a girl cannot match them. When we play in Slavia ptelk with boys, we as adults are able to play balanced back to you with the age category of fifteen years.

You don’t like the comparison of men’s and women’s football very much. For?
It works for me in the same way as when comparing men and women in general. When such differences are talked about all the time, the gap between them widens. The spectators are not used to women’s football. They find that the Czech game must be very boring, that such football will be different. Well, of course, it’s different, they play it in English. They won’t kick my dog, but it’s an otherwise nice game. Only a hundred people come to our normal race, the record was set in the League of Champions during the match with Barcelona, ​​three players and a thousand fans.

Is it such a disproportion to see you on the games and games?
Also bad for the shower and viewership, what interest sponsors. But since I drank in Slavia, the situation has gotten a lot better. Over the three years, great progress has been made in the financial conditions for the games. Today I am honored that I could make a living from football and not do anything else for him. But it didn’t apply to you. In addition, in the Czech Republic, only women in the Slavia and Sparta clubs have the same conditions, which are the only darkness that offers them a professional contract.

Also, when does a woman in the Czech Republic want to be a professional footballer, can she be either a sparanka or a whistler? What do pests look like then?
There is a great rivalry between the two darknesses. And it’s tk to move from one to another and we all know each other. Who goes from Slavia to Sparta, asked the dark. But without a healthy soup, it certainly wouldn’t be possible.

How is the career perspective for a professional hunchback? How long can football be actively played?
I know a lot of footballers over a dozen with quality performances. Tko ct. But since you don’t get much out of a footballer’s salary, everyone should have a second job anyway. Unfortunately, for athletes, it is often true that they only notice you here and here and do not see what happens next.

What does your daily routine look like?
There’s something going on, but I don’t have to force myself into it. I also have a lot of fun. Trnink is always on the program. He spins the whole team together and sometimes we have to go training with the glman trainer.

Aren’t you completely silenced? You can find out on the Internet what such a thorn looks like, and it occurs to me that it is mainly a matter of falling to the ground from a large scale.
You get used to being silenced, that’s the least. But I have a vase and I have to be careful that something doesn’t happen to me.

You have been playing for Slavia since the age of seventeen and are going to Prague, but come from Plas near Pilsen, where you played for Viktorka. How do you remember this time?
Moving to Prague was a big break. Be without a parent, get to the bike. It didn’t bother me at all, I had a lot of dark girls around me who were in the same situation. A strange feeling occurred, and when I wandered to the house between the companions. I felt like I was living a life I didn’t know, I took care of myself and wanted to talk about a lot of other things.

Isn’t it soon?
Mn sp comes especially when someone going to his family lived at twenty-five.

Does Slavia take any special care for such young bumps?
They made sure we finished the middle round. We used to go from Pilsen with one teammate, we have lived together since the arrest, I was not fully alone.

And what did they give birth to, weren’t they sad?
Tears fell and under the drip. Mma dote me how tk it is when it breaks. After those years. In addition, I play a bit of football abroad. Velk.

The offer for a prestigious transfer to Lyon, France, was here two years ago and you refused here. Did you come first?
At the time, I didn’t think about a variety. Ns glman took on a great coach and I moved a lot for a long time, I made a big leap forward in football. Today u mm feel that e mm on it hrt and elsewhere. I would like to try out the edges abroad, capture the prestige of the league and move dl. Mt vc modin.

Kamardi, who mm around YouTube, tell me: Te?!? When should we start! But I am honored that the time has come. I am young, healthy and mm form. What are you waiting for? With YouTube, there’s a lot to come up with – from anywhere. Don’t be afraid that I will eventually become just a football player.

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