esk spoitelna started offering a new mortgage product, which it called Ideln hypotka. Its main advantage should be the ability to build a mortgage tailored exactly to the needs of each individual client. So let me choose such services that he will actually use, and only for those he will pay.

esk spoitelna presents this mortgage as one of the main novelties and a good opportunity to work with your home as a “jigsaw puzzle”. From the offer of various services and parameters, the client can choose the ones that suit him, and compile his vr individually according to what pays off and what he wants. It is the same principle that the Personal es es spoitelny works. Those interested will soon have a similar form with a calculator on its website, which they can use to simulate a mortgage and find out how much they would pay for it.

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It should be noted that clients in the market have not yet had a similar opportunity. In essence, however, it is possible that nothing new is possible, only that all services are offered neatly arranged as if in a table, so that the resulting product in its form differs in some way from competitors.

As for the individual services offered, which the applicant can freely choose as an optional parameter to his standard mortgage, this is not new. All of them have been offered on the market for several years. Of course, S also provides them, now she has added a few other services, which have so far been missing from her offer. This is a thirty-day guarantee of the same rate at the rate of the year, the possibility of making extraordinary installments and new real estate valuation can be made online directly at the bank’s branches (salary for apartments in cities with more than ten thousand inhabitants).

Vyzen mortgages free

Those interested will appreciate the fact that the mortgage will be free from now on. So far, the fee was 0.9% of the value of the year, at least 9,500 crowns, the upper limit was set at 25 thousand crowns (for mills up to five million crowns, for individual individuals). Raiffeisenbank is currently offering a free contract, and other banks have it in the framework of short-term promotional offers.

On the other hand, the fee for the first payment here is compared to other banks now. in 200 crowns, usually in bv 150 crowns.

What does the Ideln mortgage look like?

The following overview lists all the optional services from which the mortgage applicant can choose when to build their mortgage. S divided them into tech blocks: Individuality, Flexibility and Security.

Ideln hypotka esk spoitelny:
Basic parameters, optional services and for a fee
I composed a hypot
fees: free of charge, msn fee 200 K
Free services include:
* Guarantee in years rate for 30 days from the moment of issuing the mortgage offer until the signing of the contract
* on-line valued real estate (in the case of an apartment) directly at the branch
* erpn after 3 msce free (without limited sweat erpn)
Optional services are divided into the following blocks:pirka, discount on years rates
msn fee (K) jednorz. charge
fee frequency *


No own disputes (100% hypot) + 0,50 % 0 1 999 jednrzov
No selected property (the contract is concluded only for the basis of the information provided)0 1 999 jednrzov
Without reporting pjm + 1,50 % 0 1 999 jednrzov
Simplified erpn when installing (and 20% can be drawn only on the basis of a concise statement on the use of funds) 0 1 999 jednrzov
Erpn expression (her 2nd day after signing the contract)0 1 499 jednrzov


Extra payments without charge (can be used at any time, up to a maximum of 25%) 149 1 999 packed
Zmna ve spltek (nand transitional time and permanently, shortened and extended maturity) 0 1 499 packed
Straight at fixation change 439 1 999 packed
Additional covered financial needs (American mortgage) 0 0


Peruen splcen (a na is msc) 0 1 499 packed
Suitable for client S (if paid by direct debit from here at S)

– 0,10 %

0 0
Agree on insurance capabilities0 0
Agree on insurance capabilities to meet even in the event of job loss 0 0

Source: esk spoitelna
* Note: frequency of freight charge
repeated = when refixing in case of continued service (will be offered automatically)
one-shot = when purchasing the service

Individuality is one-off

The services from the Individuality group relate only to one year. It is common on the market that in 100% mortgages, as in the case of mortgages without demonstrable income, the rate is slightly increased in years. If the applicant chooses one of these parameters, the mortgage will then of course not be free. Most often, it will be the choice of a 100% mortgage.

Flexibility is agreed on a fixed period

Optional parameters from the Flexibility group are intended primarily for clients who arrange a mortgage with a fixed fixation. The tax of the service has a lifetime for the period of the agreed fixation period, when changing the rate period, the client then decides whether to pay the service again for a fixed period, or whether he does not choose a service or chooses another.

So the client will have to pay for flexibility. If you agree to make an extraordinary installment without penalties during a fixed period, in addition to the one-time two-thousandth fee, you will have to pay 149 crowns (the basic fee of 200 crowns will of course be retained).

For the possibility to get a premium when changing the fixation, you have to pay every month, and quite a high stitch. The point is that at the end of the fixation period, the bank, with the client’s long-term mortgage (unpaid principal) for an extraordinary premium, depends on the balance on his personal account. The amount of this balance is the annual rate in the mortgage rate (only internally, the year is not written, it serves as a base for the calculation of this premium). Therefore, paying off an extraordinary installment will only pay off if the free balance on the Personal here is high enough (at least 100 thousand crowns). The balance sheet mechanism offered by mBank works on a similar principle. Vce si o nm mete pest here.

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