Without financial loss, the contract can be terminated in the year when you celebrate your 60th birthday. The bag must be met and the condition must be completed for at least 5 years. The only way you are entitled to a staple contribution and it is up to you whether you choose all the pensions at once or have your pension paid out.

Vpov vas a vdy psemn
Even if you meet all the conditions, it will take a while, you will not have the pension in hand. It is necessary to write to the pension fund in advance, the notice period is within two months, from the beginning of the month following the day in which the fund received the notice. So when all the unfavorable circumstances come together and you fly in the sweat on June 29, the fund will receive it on July 3, the deadline will start on August 1, it will end on October 30, and you will only receive a pension after the meeting in June.

Vpov must be psemn. It is best to state when you come to the fund with a civil order. This guarantees that the employee will use the correct form in the process without any problems, as well as your integrity, and that you will be alerted to any situations. For example, I find out that you missed a payment during the spoen. In such a case, you have to repent and go spoit. If you have a long way to go to the fund, you can choose the route.

pedasn terminated vs pijde expensive

Marek Zeman from the AXA pension fund explains: You don’t have to follow the formula, just write a statement on a piece of paper. In such a case, the bag is absolutely necessary for the client to attach a note signature. In the letter you state:

  • sv jmno, adres, rodn slo
  • contract of pension agreements
  • as soon as the child terminated the contract and sent a pension to the number, then, paid the pension
  • date, oven podpis

Jet vm nen edest?
It may happen that the pension from the fund you need to receive two, not meet the conditions (60 payments and 60 years). In that case, enter the so-called sales. The fund drills the contributions that have been paid to you until then, and only the pensions that you have saved yourself and the income from them.

Inputs seem to be 25 percent, but the fund will take care of that. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the year of sale will arise and after a year of the contract and the day of payment of the contribution. When you say two, you won’t get anything from the fund. So whoever made the contract somewhat headless and started paying for it, should last at least a year. Clients sometimes terminate the contract prematurely because they do not have enough money and payments are paid. If the situation is temporary, it is better to pay our official peruit, or to dream of a lot on a hundred crowns, the advice of financial advisor Tom Kuera. Issue this without any problems by changing the contract with the fund staff.

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