Banks can also arrange such a mortgage, its funds can be tied to anything, even if it is a so-called American mortgage. The condition is that the client bought and built the property from his own resources in the previous few months.

It is a standard goal, which is used for financing real estate, so it is also a standard annual rate. For non-U.S. mortgages, rates are your fault. Unlike bnch cases, the bag finances the property, which the client shared two. It is a re-refinancing of own funds demonstrably spent on a previous investment in real estate. Some banks thus finance any real estate, some only real estate intended for housing.

To refinance

In cases where the insurance company has a residential property, this refinancing is not a part, because those interested in the apartment either do not have their own funds and do not have another option to the bank, or if they have their own funds, they do not want to pay because they do not want to get into debt. It will be used by those who do not lack their own funds, but want to have them freely available and not spend them on the purchase of real estate here. In this way, it is possible to drill the means switched on temporarily from the relatives. Refinancing is also used in the case of the purchase of real estate at auction, as the mortgage is provided here complicated due to the arrangement of the first mortgage on the real estate auction. You can talk more about drabch here. In general, refinancing may be appropriate at the time of suitable mortgages or when the long-term possibility of free funds to invest.

It is a refinancing of one’s own expenses, not a fulfilled debt

The term refinancing is most often used in connection with the refinancing of another year. A debt that meets, for example, a mortgage, I may decide to change the bank’s bank and so on elsewhere. The new vrem then the original vr splat. At present, this darkness is especially popular on the part of banks, as they give them new clients from the competition. For potential recipients, offer favorable years of rates and simplified administration associated with changing banks.

The refinancing of own funds is therefore something else, it will not be fulfilled, but the client will have a freely available pension, which he has spent on the real estate. A few years ago, this option was not usual at all, today it is offered by some banks.

Refinanced in the banks’ offer

Komern bank recently introduced a new vr “Mortgage forward, which on the one hand allows you to arrange it to go before the client finds the property, and his second feature is the first refinancing. The bank shall reimburse the funds spent on the construction and reconstruction of housing, no later than twelve months after they were spent. The client is then freely available for anything.

The refinancing of own funds has been offered for a long time Raiffeisenbank. It finances only the purchase of real estate, the bag does not have to be intended for housing only. The condition is again that the purchase price was paid a maximum of twelve months before the date of signing the contract. The same option is offered by Hypotka esk pojiovny, as P sold mortgages in cooperation with Raiffeisenbank and Hypoten banka.

Mortgage bank I have a special product of refinancing, which can pay off two funds of own funds used to finance the object of the year. She called it Mortgage back. Compared to Raiffeisenbank and Komern banka, the bag is somewhat less convenient, the bank will repay only a hundred to fifty percent in the mortgage.

Her sisterhood UNDER, its products are technically based first on Hypoten banka ‘s products, but do not offer this Hypotka back. Even its basic product, SOB Hypotka, does not allow refinancing. I can offer her a bag for a better place to live in St. Pjce. It is a convenient consumer goods with a purpose. The rate (now 7.7%) is higher than for the standard SOB Hypotka (now from 5.14%), the maximum maturity is ten years, which will mean high installments if you change the volume. It has the benefits of consumer loans, for example, it can be repaid at any time and without penalties.

Some banks have refinanced for this refinancing and do not have any specifically defined and named products. The possibility of refinancing own resources invested in housing and recreation is offered BAWAG Bank in the framework of the standard IQ Mortgage. Eq esk spoitelna allows refinancing of previous real estate investments from its standard Ideln mortgage.

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