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Today, the function of collecting information on stolen / lost identity cards is filled only with the database of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. Usually, the submitted proofs of identity always always at the moment of the client’s suggestion for any new product. The only confirmed confirmation in this case is Komern banka, its employees verify the authenticity and validity of the identity document submitted by the client on the MV R website only in case of doubt.

Cases of misuse of civil warrants
Poet etench trestnch in
(ie the case when the code is about 5 thousand crowns)
1st half of 2007: 1 047
2nd half of 2007: 986

Source: Police Presidium R

“Although the documents of the integrity of the register in the MV R database are lost and stolen during the day, there is a time delay between the recording of the loss of the document and the moment when the document appears in the database, and we want to prevent us from doing so. The aim is to protect citizens from the abuse of their integrity in the fraudulent conclusion of contracts, Jan Stopka, secretary of the SOLUS association, told iDNES.cz.

“From practice, we know that updating the database kept at the Ministry of the Interior takes one week,” confirmed Gabriela Pithartov from Cetelem.

That is why the SOLUS association presented its new online database of lost and stolen civil warrants to the public, and the CCB company (it maintains the BRKI and NRKI registers in the Czech Republic) presented its product for verifying integrity and detecting fraudulent frauds. Both tools are intended to prevent misrepresentation.

While the CCB product works on inquiries from various sources of double-track information (eg MV R databases, telephone directory, address point databases, etc.), the SOLUS product “relies mainly on its own database in addition to the MV R database. It is about a long time around, it will not be an invalid identity card recorded in the database MV R (ie about 3-5 days).

Unfortunately, banks outside the SOLUS will not share information about invalid orders and will probably not even share them for the time being. Therefore, even your notification of a lost civil warrant in your bank does not guarantee that it will not be misused in another bank (unless it is a member of SOLUS) and another financial service provider.

Sdruen SOLUS currently has 25 only 7 banking institutions, 13 non-banking financial institutions, 3 mobile operators, 1 electricity distributor and 1 cable TV provider.

The problem, in addition to the lack of updating data in the database MV R, is also the fact that the civil order can not be easily blocked, such as a payment card. Sdruen SOLUS will offer this option to its members and especially to their clients. Banks will thus be able to carry out, together with the blocking of a payment card and the blocking of an civil order, in the order. While it is operating during the test room, SOLUS wants to start live operation during the first half of the year. Individual member banks of the association will be connected according to the readiness of the offer to be offered (7 banking institutions are associated in SOLUS).

How to proceed in case of loss / destruction / theft of an civil order:

1. The Dritel OP is obliged to report the event (loss, damage, destruction) in person without delay, to any municipal series of the municipality with a born competence or registry number;

2. In case of theft, you have to report the fact to the R Police;

3. Report this to the bank as soon as possible;

4. ad and the police issue a certificate of civil order to the citizen valid for 2 months;

5. Within 15 days of the notification of the loss, theft, damage or destruction of the identity document, it is obligatory to apply for a new ID card.

Initially, the payment paid a lot for a new obanski prkaz and 100 crowns, in the fall packed ztrty hroz pokuta a 10 thousand crowns.

How will the bank behave in the event that its invalid identity card is misused?
The case of misuse of the identity document is usually individual and the bank usually cooperates closely with the police. If it is confirmed that an invalid civil order has been misused, the bank will not recover its claim for damage.
However, banks always appeal to their clients to report the loss and theft of personal documents to their financial house as soon as possible.

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