Almost everyone has to pay real estate tax this year. Even so, there are exceptions. People who are to be in an insulated panel are exempt from taxes even for three years.

Until the end of 2008, there was a paragraph in the real estate tax bill, which allowed for exemption from real estate tax. At that time, they did not have to pay the people who made their house and apartment insulated.

At the end of last year, this exception was abolished, but you can still apply the discount today.

In order not to have to pay for the bag, you must meet certain conditions. Commissioning of the insulation of the house had to take place by the end of 2007. The owner of the later approved house and the apartment in such modified panels do not have a tax credit claim.

The implemented and approved changes were to be stated in the tax return for 2008. “If someone forgot the bag and did not submit anything, I must first file the additional tax return for 2008,” said tax expert Vladimír Zdrail.

those years without taxes

The activity is definitely worth it. The coincidence is that the property tax you do not have to pay put for three years. You could apply for the discount last year. leva mla toti one year of so-called retroinek. Also, the last tax return, when you could use this tax, you would like to pay for the year 2012.

You must file a property tax return, even if you do not pay anything. In the formula, da spotte, as if you should pay it.

When you discover an error after submission, file an “additional” note after January 31st. If anything is not clear to you, contact your financiers.

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