Are you afraid that you will not be able to fill in the tax return form? You don’t have to use the services of tax advisors right away, but you can help me etn. For consultations, pay around five hundred crowns.

Anyone for whom the employer is not fraudulent or has not hired a tax advisor has the last days to pay income tax. If you do not use a tax advisor, you must be paid and paid by 31 (see the previous article on last-minute payments)

With simple questions, it is probably advised by the financial advisor, but it is not her duty. Complicate cases by a large or tax advisor. This means that you have to pay for their services, and most importantly, as the term of the tax return is approached, they will work harder and you will have to call several of them before you succeed. Last week, we managed to get a Dao expert and try on it.

If you are so overwhelmed with work that you won’t get everything done by the end, ask for a tax advisor. With it, you can move the deadline and send it to the end of June. You have to announce this to the final company by the end.

If you do not have “your” proven expert, you will find contacts in the Association or in Komoe-certified ethnic groups as well as in Komoa’s tax advisors.

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