Don’t underestimate your family vacation. The wrong choice can mean hundreds of thousands of crowns in addition. You do not want to choose from a menu of binders, think about what you will be allowed to do during the holiday. We provide a complete overview of prices at domestic associations.

Insurance companies offer different combinations of risks and insurance indemnity limits. Therefore, before signing, make sure that the selected insurance policy applies to all sports that you want to practice during your holiday.

Even in summer, your situation during the flight to the mountains will give me a touch of the Mountain Service. It is not possible to insure the risk at all and the conditions of individual insurance companies differ in this point.

Travel insurance is going through development and new products are entering the market. Insurance, for example, insure the risk of terrorism and fellow travelers. “In summer, we are preparing travel insurance for dogs and coca. He will cover the veterinary talents and responsibility for the code he invites in a foreign country, ”says Hana Axmann from European Travel Insurance.

An example of a family connection via the Internet
The access of individual connected to a single connection via the Internet differs. Some don’t wash them at all. Li also in the provision of discounts. While the European Travel Insurance Network stands on the web as well as at the branch, Generali offers a discount of 1 to 5%. The vast majority of couplers provide a 10% discount online. Piloen table contains horse prices after discounts.

In our case, we tried to insure an online family with two children on a tourist trip to Croatia in July for 10 days. Let’s always compare the cheapest package covering the most common travel risks. The basic components are the considerable costs of cleaning, hospitalization, medicine and transport of the house, and according to the insurance, insurance, damage to luggage and liability for unintentionally caused code to someone else.

From the table, you can insure the risks online. Include, for example, the nose of the aircraft, from the bottom of departure or not use allowed.

NzevWhat is possible
UNIQA504 KK2 Rodinn *
GENERAL640 KExclusive FamilyYou have a full limit, athlete’s tariff, above-standard assistance and first services
VZP / PP900 KFamily setUnder flight, nose of the plane, unused vacation, under baggage, veterinary club, cancellation of departure
COOPERATIVE1 000 KClassical**You limit full, sport
ALLIANZ1 140 KPlatinum tour limitYou limit full, risk sports, cancellation fees
1 220 KAtlasYou limit full, dangerous sports
1 296 KTravel insurance
1 580 KHoliday Help

* Same price salary for a family and with 4 children
** 1 dt up to 6 years is free
*** Same price salary for a family and with 3 children

The cheapest family connection at the Uniqa insurance company. The family from our treasure pay by arranging 504 K online. For the same price, Uniqa insures the family of the traveler and those children.

It should be noted that they are not only connected with prices, but also very strongly with insurance conditions, full limits in case of events and the quality of assistance services in individual destinations around the world.

In addition, the most expensive European travel insurance company includes up to 2,000,000 crowns and unlimited assistance services. In contrast, the cheapest Uniqa covers only up to 1,000,000 crowns and the limit for assistance services is 1,000,000 crowns.

How much does the insurance event cost me

600 765 K Srden collapse in the US, paid by client Allianz
540,000 K Asthmick seizure in Italy, Allianz
320,000 K Injuries while diving in Croatia, P
250,000 K Family transport after accidents in Croatia, P
230,000 K Appendix operation in Greece, Allianz
166 500 K Fracture of limb in Croatia, SOB
130,000 K Brain stroke in Croatia, Allianz
112,000 K Virov lace in France, Allianz

How to insure online
On the website of the connection, enter in the online calculators the majority of the country and the continent, the thermal holiday, the number of passengers, their age and possibly choose from several variants of covered risks and the limit of full coverage in case of netting.

In the case of six concessions, the validity of the contract takes effect from the day when you send your pension to the same insurance company. So you are insured, even if the pension has not arrived, but you will be able to prove that you sent it before the planned journey. In the case of VZP and Czech insurance bags, the insurance enters into force and, according to the date, the pension is written on et. When sending the pension via the Internet, credit card or voucher, it is necessary to keep in mind. If you want to be connected to VZP immediately, you can request payment free of charge at the Sazka terminal.

When connecting online, you do not have to visit a branch at all for the days listed. Receive the necessary documents, contracts and assistance cards by e-mail or download them via a link on the Internet.

The European display of pojitnce disappears
The European Insured Order issued by VZP, for example, to all its clients only ensures that you will be treated in the contracting countries. However, it is only woven and not completely free.

The vm command allows you to be treated under the same conditions as the local citizen, ie very often with a high co-payment. According to the traveler, the traveler will pay for selected items, it is necessary to transport the house (for example by air) and any assistance services provided abroad.

It is important that travel insurance generally applies only to urgent treatment in the event of illness and once and limits or completely excludes benefits for travelers under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Travel tips

  • Be sure to arrange at least a lot of talent and once again
  • Find out if the insurance covers all the activities you perform in the business
  • Find out when your salary paid
  • Keep in mind that it can be completely excluded when mentally causing codes or drinking alcohol and drugs.
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