Building savings are among the very rewarding and at the same time small risks of the form of savings, and therefore it should have a reasonable investor and a manager in their portfolio. The building spoen closed to my underage child.

Your disputes with building societies are very safe. Building societies must have a banking license from the Czech National Bank, which has thus overseen their activities.

In certain cases, the building joint will bring more than 6.5% of the income. At the same time, it can get even very cheap goods for housing needs.

Building savings is a system of saving pensions, its inputs are supported by the state. You will receive a maximum of 15% of this deposit during the year (including the year from your deposits and the year from previous state contributions), up to a maximum of CZK 3,000. The advantage is that the inputs from the building society are not taxable. The first persons are not entitled to state support or tax benefits.

Only get support if you have been there for at least another six years. The important thing is that after six years, you can complete the whole connected line, including support for anything. In case of urgent need, you can pick up two pensions, but due to the loss of the loan, your deposit will not be valued high (years rate only around 2%, in addition, the savings fee is paid for early payment, which is 0.5% of the amount of the fee). ).

He gave a great advantage of the building connection the possibility to get a suitable door from the building connection. The year is fixed at a one-year rate and, unlike mortgages, it is also available to my creditworthy clients and there are fewer written conditions attached to it.

The condition is to save at least 24 msce, reach the specified value of the salt, combine the specified down payment (40% – 50% of the customs duty) and prove that it will be used only at the end of the specified housing needs.

If the party needs to get two more, I can apply for a hell. At least or make an advance payment (from 0% of the tax), the document was used and why he gave the necessary conditions (to ensure good faith, in earnings). Then the employee will pay for years from hell and at the same time save on his building savings. And if all the conditions for the bottom of the building joint are met, the inferior plant will be repaid with a connected drain and the assigned heat. Pot se zane splcet vr.

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