It was created more than a year ago. “America has begun to gather information about the inability to meet the debt,” explains Miriam Hankov, an analyst at Benefita.

Pensions bag people debt around the world, so for collapsed American banks? At first, they lightly borrowed cadmium, especially people’s incomes. Because they were fixed-life mothers, it wasn’t exactly a small pension.

At first, it was paid to me when the installment rose, it was not for her

“At the same time, the banks set long-term installments so that in the first years they paid me and only after a while did the installments start. And at that time, the debtors used to pay, because they simply didn’t have to pay for you. And the banks confiscated their houses, ”describes Miriam Hankov.

That in itself would not have to be a problem. Just invested. They saw pensions in real estate. They underestimated the risk associated with vry ​​hypotheses. “Classic banking products (such as mortgage bonds) have been transformed into securities and sold to other investors. The level of risk shifted from banks to dal entities and banks could provide dal and dal mortgages. Banks did not only praise mortgage fees, ”said Marek Hatlapatka from Cyrrus for the server.

The price of real estate has fallen

Real estate for sale was suddenly too much, banks tried to sell in what they seized. They did not need houses, but pensions. And so an unexpectedly large supply of real estate appeared on the American market.

When there is too much of it, the price has to go down. That is the logic of the market. Banks did not receive nearly as much pension for the sale of the house as they originally paid for it. “Investors have lost the yard in financial institutions and withdrew their capital from the market. And then they sent to the sweat institution gave, “adds analyst Markta ichtaov.

Banks grew to drink from each other. As demand for pensions continued to rise above their supply, years on the interbank market have risen sharply. Finann’s stocks, which did not have enough cash pensions, fell.

Sttu’s help came into play

The largest company in the world, AIG, has so far been saved by the US Federal Reserve (FED), which has received an incredible $ 85 billion in exchange for 78 percent of the shares. “The insurance company is financially connected with all the world’s banks, its collapse could trigger a domino effect,” said Marek Hatlapatka.

The decline was caused by quick information

According to Miriam Hankov, many sharp declines in the price of the company’s shares on the Czech stock exchange caused a consistent and quickly available information. In the age of the Internet, not only is nothing hidden, but some information is misleading, it does not have to be related to a particular company and cause panic. Therefore, the price is not necessarily based on the management of three companies.

What will dl?

According to financial adviser and analyst Vladimir Fichtner, no one today knows how long the crisis will last and how it will end. It is especially recommended that people consult their banks or financial advisers more often. And they followed the strategy they had set out in the financial framework. If he fully recommends investing in stock strategies, it is good to get “discounts” and buy. But first of all persevere or invest regularly. According to the analyst, the crisis will not end with the collapse of the financial system. Furthermore, there will be companies that will be closed and others that will disappear.

And when will the price rise action? “I can’t answer that. And nobody can do it. I recommend investing in the event on a regular basis and in the event of a crisis such as this, forcing a decline to potential buyouts, ”said Vladimr Fichtner.

Due to the slowdown in growth and the recession, it will probably be more interesting in the future to trade with large companies – in the recession, wages will disappear and the strong will become stronger.

Crisis and banks in the Czech Republic

The problems that the world economy is currently facing are very difficult for all economic entities, especially for the financial sector. Unlike the US financial situation, banks in the Czech Republic did not buy virtually risk-safe securities. Their losses during the worlds of crisis are therefore minimal.

In addition, all Czech financial institutions are financially sound, as evidenced by their capital indicators.

And what is important is that client deposits are high enough, so banks do not have to borrow pensions on the interbank market. Although the volume of trading on the interbank market has decreased significantly in the Czech Republic, banks are able to finance themselves from their own resources. The NB plays an important role in supporting liquidity in the banking system; its repo operations can be secured by banks not only with treasury bills, but also with new bonds.

Due to pressures for the bank to have sufficient cash available, the volume of trading in government bonds has decreased significantly in the last few months.

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