Are you used to where you spend everything you earn, or even regularly pay minus the week before you pay? If you get sick, you may have a big problem with your pension.

For the first 30 days of illness from the state, you will receive a maximum of 10,368 crowns, this amount will correspond to a gross salary of 24,000 crowns and more. When you pay less, it will go to me (see the table for more). In addition, the given expenses are associated with fees for oeten and prescription drugs. how a particular family would manage a fall.

Javrk is used to 40,000 crowns in the dark
Manel Javrkovi si neij patn. He lived in his own 1 + 1 apartment in Prague, he has no children yet, and in the family estate, each town will meet without a hundred crowns 41,000 crowns. Zuzan is 29 years old and works as a lkaka, msn has earned 23,400 crowns. Her husband Petr (35 years old) also works as a sales representative for the company’s pots and will earn 17,500 crowns.

The young husband will spend less than 16,000 crowns for housing, food, clothing and horses. Both have a closed building savings and supplementary pension, Petr also has life insurance. In total, spend another 7,000 crowns on spoen and insurance policies. For now, don’t meet the bottom of the loan, but dream of sharing a house outside Prague on the mortgage. When you pay for everything you need, they will have less than 18,000 crowns left.

In case one of them gets sick at home, they have a place to move. Together they have a dog of 100,000 crowns. According to experts, the financial reserve should correspond to three times the same income. If the Javrks started to pay their mortgage on a dream house or shared a family, the situation would be complicated for them as well, even though they have above-average incomes.

How your sickness will be can be found HERE

The sickness disease of the family meets about more than aunt
Zuzana Marodila had just passed away with a lace. She went to the doctor, but she did not take a sick leave and agreed in the hospital that her colleague would represent her for a few days. As a lkaka, he could not afford to have a cold among patients, so I had to stay at home. I did not let myself be unable to write, I would easily get out of Manel’s salary, but I would like to go to Zuzana.

If Zuzana would bring the house only 10,368 crowns instead of the usual 23,400 crowns, the Javrks would have to come up with 27,868 crowns. That’s about 13,032 crowns me, don’t put it together when both go to work. They would be in the red under the bag, if they suffered as usual, they would have almost five thousand left to go. The bag would be in the red if they both got sick. Instead of forty thousand, they would have to go with only half the pension.

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