It happens to me that you lose your pension abroad. How to get something as quickly as possible? Is it possible to get a pension from the Czech Republic? When can I consult?

Of course, carrying documents and pensions in one city does not pay off abroad. Mr. Jana let herself be carried away by the atmosphere of a deep and populous Italian trit, and when she wanted to pay for the selected fruit, she found out that at other times a rather stinging steen pocket with documents and a pension was taken.

Natst was not the only one in the family who had a pension with her, also when she and her husband became a little more modest, their pensions were spent for the rest of their stay. But it is easy for me to lose all the pensions you took with you on vacation, for example when you leave them unattended in the car.

It is an awkward situation, but not unreadable. You now have several options where and how to get “unpaid cash” abroad. The bank will help you, but it’s a long way. You can turn to the embassy of the Czech Republic in your city for enough help. If you also drank documents at the same time, you will deal with them anyway.

The Czech consultant will usually accept the pension in the general case, which will cover the return to the Czech Republic. If you do not want to break out of your holiday, you must look for another person. The holder of embossed cards (ie cards with plastically embossed data) can submit their bank for the issuance of emergency cash or emergency payment cards.

These two services are bag designed for emergency use only. Payment card and cash are charged with a hundred thousand crowns (usually 3000 and 4000 crowns). In addition, you will receive a pension in 24 hours at the earliest, and a card for you in 3 days, which may be late. In addition, the card has a limited validity, either during the stay abroad, or for example two msc. Upon return, the bank will issue a new card with the original validity, for which, of course, pay.

Pensions can be sent cheaper

A faster and cheaper option is to have your pension sent from your family and well-known people from the Czech Republic, through specialized organizations (Western Union and Chequepoint). For example, Western Union costs 25,000 crowns worth 1,250 crowns.

we have discovered the scale of the practice

The transfer of pensions is relatively simple. It is enough that the person who will send the pension to them will start with the necessary cash at one of the Western Union branches (these in the Czech Republic coincide with the branches of the Czech Republic, abroad can be in offices, travel agencies, airport, shops, banks, etc. ).

There, fill in the form (pensions are sent in cash to the name of the recipient), present a valid proof of identity and pay the amount sent, including the fee. In the end, the sender of the pension called me and in case you do not have to prove yourself with a day certificate of identity, you will agree on a password with us.

After filling in the formula and giving (or changing the password) I will pay the pension at the branch in your place of residence. If you have closed travel insurance, this service can be provided with assistance services, even for free.

If you lose your document, please consult
Not only in case you were robbed, but in any emergency situation you can contact the embassy of the Czech Republic abroad. Providing assistance to Czech citizens who find themselves in need abroad (eg in a car accident, hospitalization, restrictions on personal liberty and, of course, the loss and theft of travel documents, pensions, even lk), is one of the important activities of embassies. The address and contact details of the number of countries you are going to travel to should be obtained before departure. You can find them on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When you lose your documents


The first step in a situation where you find out abroad that you are without a passport is to report it to the local police and file it with a written report (confirmation) about the loss and death. Then contact the local embassy of the Czech Republic, where you can agree with its staff on the next steps. If you have a problem with the language barrier, you can reverse the procedure and ask the staff of the consular section for help with the police.

If you are only allowed abroad for a short period of time, the ad will not issue a new passport, but only a replacement document – the so-called travel order. A travel order is a document intended only for a specific individual trip – return to the Czech Republic.

Enough about the issuance of a standard passport, both the old type without machines readable, and the new type with machines readable and carry data with biometric data, so it lasts significantly according to. The old passport of the embassy will be issued in 60 days and the new one even in 120 days, they will send enough to the Czech Republic. The travel order will be issued by the embassy in the shortest possible time, so badly on how you are able to present the documents (and if at all).

Obansk show

Within the framework of the European Union, you will only be able to pay attention to travel when traveling – this only applies if you have machine-readable data (they have been published since the second half of 2000). If you lose it or someone steals it in an EU country, the procedure is similar to a passport.

zaplatte on data with pjm

So, first of all, the local police due to the writing of the protocol and immediately the visit of the local council. You will have to issue a new bank and after returning to the Czech Republic, the council will issue a travel order for the return of the house in the same way as when you lose your passport.

idisk prkaz

In most European countries, there is still only one Czech ID card, but I am confident that the international person will want to see the car service staff even in countries where otherwise it is not necessary. If you are planning to drive abroad, we recommend that you go. Take both orders with you on the journey, but if the mono is carried separately, you have a chance that at least one will remain.

You will not get a paid person abroad, and according to the Ministry of Transport R, this situation of roads will end. Pay special attention to it. When the furnace documents just steal, contact the local police and insist on issuing a certificate of heart. Be prepared, however, that not all police officers automatically accept it and that you will sometimes have to argue with them.

Uiten information

Where to go

Municipal representative of the Czech Republic

Required documents
Travel card – fill in enough (mandatory original form is available at the council), 2 photographs measuring 35 x 45 mm, preferably some proof of identity and in the case where it is not particularly Czech citizenship, and gave a document to prove it ( eg ID card, birth certificate) – your identity can be confirmed by another person who travels with you and did not drink the passport, or the council will find another way

Deadline for confession

Nejkrat mon

400 K in a city where the representative office shares, or in a freely convertible currency (eg euro, dollar) in conversion into crowns according to the exchange rates of the foreign exchange market earned on the 1st day of the month, you will also receive Czech crowns

Note: does not apply to idisk command

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