Dan are behind you, but it’s not over. If you do business or get honor, you have to go to the health insurance company and the social security administration.

The novelty of this year’s deposit is that payments for insurance are not considered as business expenses. So you don’t have to dream of it.

Health insurance

You can obtain the form from the branch of your health insurance company or you can download it from the Internet. All binders have it there. And, for example, the General Health Insurance Company also offers it in Excel at www.vzp.cz in the OSV section. After adding the basic, give for the file in the demand. You can do this even if you are a client of another insurance company – the calculation is always the same, only then you will first enter the salt into the formula of your state. Although the formulas vary in graphic form, the data in them are the same as a result – only you in another city.

The form must be filled in and submitted within 30 days from the date of the tax return. You have to pay the arrears within eight days, when the base of the loan was supposed to be, this year by April 8.

First page of the formula

Filling in personal data should not be a problem. In the middle of the first page of the overview for the health insurance company there is a field in which you enter the dates when you submitted the tax return.

In the overview according to what the connection company can do with a possible surcharge, twist the letter and thus indicate in what form you pay the deposit.
Model: Jana only had a very small amount of money, so she doesn’t want to shake it on the floor, let it sink into the bosom.

The following formula is especially important for those who do not have a business as the main source of income. Check which category of client to join:

A – If you have been employed in some cities and are also doing business at the same time, check option A. Employed as the main source of income you can indicate when you paid insurance for everything at work and you received at least the minimum wage. Likewise, when you were completely incapacitated for work as an OSV (beware, even if you were ill for a long time, it may not appear here – illness from January 5 to February 27 is not a “full calendar appointment”), there was no need for this msc pay down payment.

B – Sometimes you don’t have to pay high minimum stakes, you will only pay for them from what you actually spend. Pay it for people

  • a) for which the insurance stt. It pays, for example, for dependent children, for pensioners who receive a pension from the pension scheme R, for maternity leave, for those who are on parental leave;
  • (b) are currently employed;
  • c) you have had a full medical leave;
  • d) are disabled;
  • e) have pensions but do not have the right to retire;
  • f) work for days up to 7 years or two days up to 15 years. To write msci, turn on the letter that corresponds to your reason. When you give birth to children (point f), drink their birthplace.

At the bottom of the formula, write the date and say goodbye.

Kind of side of the formula

Dec 1: Drink the income you have from the business (from the area of ​​1 tax credit). Attention, the health insurance company should also acknowledge those incomes from which you did not pay the royalties, which you received from the tax tax).
Model: Jana will present 420,840 crowns.

Dec 2: Write down the data related to the given income.
Model: Jana uvd 252 504 crowns, then 60 percent pjm.

dec 4 a 5: Write down how many jobs you did in 2008 and state how many jobs you had at the health insurance company, you fill in the form. If you changed your health insurance company in 2008, you will be given an overview of two companies in the year in which you were its client.
Model: Jana writes slo 12 in both windows – she did business for a year and did not change her health insurance company.

Dec 6: Drink a month, for which self-employment was your main source of income. Those who are currently employed, zero.

Dec 9 a 12: Follow the instructions, the formula contains the formulas, write the result in the box.

Dec 13: From the deposit of more than 1,034,880 crowns, the health insurance is not valid. Become an employee and business income. If vs vs tk, find out on this dku.

dky 14 a 16: Sweat the washbasin and insurance according to the formulas.
Model: Jana calculated that she could pay 17,472 crowns.

Dec 41: List the backups you sent in 2008.

Dec 43: Odette od dku 41 dek 16. When the positive value comes out, you have an overpayment. A minus sign means you will replenish.
Model: Jan spent a surcharge of 8 crowns, I will go to page one and indicate whether he wants to pay for the surcharge in the castle of treasures for another period, or to drill it.

Dec 51: According to the formula, sweat the deposit on a pt equivalent. If you have a minimum deposit for your salary, you must enter at least 1,590 K. The highest deposit, on the other hand, is CZK 12,720, but no one pays.

Sociln pojitn

In order to provide social security, send an overview and pensions for retirement insurance and for health insurance, which you can but do not have to arrange. Submit your report by April 30, 2009.

If you have carried out a self-employed activity for at least a year, you are obliged to submit a report, even if your income was zero.

Dec 9: When, in addition to business income, you also have a pension from your employment or you are a pensioner, you are a side entrepreneur and you can report it here.

dky 17 a 21: If you have indicated that your self-employment was incidental, you must prove it. Fill in the data and prepare a confirmation that you are an employee and that you had an income of at least 96,000 crowns in 2008; Disabled and old-age pensioners (if you receive a pension from the NES, you do not have to provide proof of receipt); on parental leave you take care of a close person; in the performance of military service; student up to 26 years; in custody and in prison according to not 3 msce.

dky 22 a 23: Switch on the income and expenses you had in connection with the business in 2008. Don’t even pay the paid insurance premiums until this time.
Model: Jana records incomes 420 840 K, data are pauln 252 504 K.

Dec 24: From section 22 readings 23. If you performed only ancillary activities in 2008 and in this period you paid less than 51,744 crowns, fill in zero immediately on days 27 and 29, if you did not fill in the application form for pension insurance for 2008. 51,744 salary for the whole year, in case you have been in business for a short time, it is reduced by a relative
Model: Jana records a difference of 168,336 crowns, from which she will cover insurance.

dky 27 a 28: In the following days, sweat, as in the recovery stock according to the formula: income minus expenses cut 50%. The salary that the entrepreneur “main” must have a deposit of at least 64 680 crowns, the entrepreneur next to have a minimum deposit of 25 872 crowns. The upper limit of the deposit base is 1,034,840 crowns.

Dec 29: If a low replacement base is sweaty and you want to have an exit in the future, you can increase the base on this table. Sniovat mon nen.

Dec 30: If you were also in addition to business and employment, enter the exchange of employment from here. You will find it confirmed by the employer.

Dec 31: Set data from dk 29 and 30.

Dec 32: When the sum of your exchanges is not more than 1,034,880 crowns, the exchange of deductions from employment is deducted from this position (.30). Otherwise, get drunk Dec. 29.

dky 33 a 35: Sweat the insurance premium to 29.6% of the deposit. The post is rounded up and you deduct the paid deposit. With a minus sign, there will be an overpayment, and a positive amount will be paid, which you must pay within eight days of the overview.
Model: Jana m peplatek 286 K.

On the other side of the formula, ask for a refund of any overpayment and sweat out the new ingredients. In 2009, the lowest pension contribution is 1,720 crowns for the main activity, and 688 crowns for the secondary activity. OSV next door, her incomes after the return did not reach 51,744 crowns, p to dk 36 and 37 zero. Finally, drink the date and don’t forget to sign.

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