The mortgage applicant faces a dilemma: if something happens to them, the family will be able to cope. At the same time, it is true that their family budget has changed significantly with a several-thousand-month installment and that the crown is good. So you’re faced with the decision: to buy insurance or not?

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It is absolutely necessary to have a mortgage on the property. Without him, the bank will not release the pension, explains David Sahula from Hypoten banka. Therefore, make an appointment with a connection consultant and insure the house (detailed information about the product can be found at in the Insurance section). Attention, it is not a household insurance policy, but a real insurance of the house and apartment, ie walls, windows, gutters. This means that the insurance company first dials the relevant code with the bank and it settles and then settles with the client.

When you return alone or cling to your retirement age, the bank also wants to take out life insurance for you (for example, in the event of a dead insurance company, to pay the remaining pension, which can pay off or settle the mortgage and sell the house). For peace of mind, the rest of the life insurance should be added. What would happen to the family if they drank their income?

The price in the most suitable so-called risks is associated with a decreasing insurance premium. The insurance premium decreases as the amount of the deposit to be repaid decreases. There is nothing late in the insurance, and if you pay the mortgage twice, you can terminate the insurance without any problems. On the contrary, e.g. capital life insurance, among other things, has a high insurance premium.

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You should also take other risks. These include the loss of employment provided by the Bankif Pro Vita and Uniqa insurance companies through banks. Dalm is a long-term incapacity for work, against which he insures P Zdrav, the insurance company Generali, Allianz and its change Cardif for Vita.

Orientan prices follow

  • apartment, insurance 1 million ron
    insurance 800 K
  • life insurance for 1 million,
    30 years old ron insurance 3200 K
    (insurance for 20 years)
  • life insurance capital, 1 million,
    30 years of insurance premiums 15,600 K
  • lockable doors in incapacity for work,
    1000 K fuse
    because, 30let mu ron 10,000 K
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