We are used to the fact that before the holiday abroad we will conclude a congestive skull, which covers only any health complications. This is a credible thing, but abroad much more at home is the threat of liability for the code.

Have you thought about such a risk? Do you think that your concluded liability insurance also applies to such foreign flights?

We will not deal with how it is with the codes caused abroad, so let us define the insurance responsibilities in general. Kon speaks quite clearly: “Whoever causes the second code bears full responsibility for this code.” The only possible protection against the consequences of the caused code on the life and health of the injured party or on the caused codes on the damaged person is the first binding liability.

From broken vzy to heated neighbor’s apartment
If someone seems to be bound by academic liability in the term of the term, then in practical life I will choose the most frequent situation where we are obliged to pay the paid code to the injured party. For example, in an inadvertent movement, let’s throw and break the expensive juice, go red and go to the pole with the necessary maneuver and damage the car, heat the neighbor under them due to broken slingshots, etc. In the case of closed liability for us while without it, we are obliged to pay it.

In practice, the insurance liability for codes caused at the civil level can be negotiated either separately or most often combined with the insurance household and real estate. While property insurance is very popular with all, the insurance liability is forgotten. Most of them, in the event of an insurance company, with a change to insure their household or real estate, the employee will first receive liability for the code caused, which usually protects all persons living together in the household. Compared to property insurance, it is usually significantly cheaper. Very often, the accessory can be insured, for example, the responsibility for the code resulting from the ownership of animals (most often a dog), etc.

Do not pay for codes abroad from your home insurance
So imagine a situation where you and your family go abroad on vacation and somehow a situation where you, your children or in the course of property damage, health and life. If you do not have a binding responsibility in R, then be prepared for very unpleasant moments.

It is worth noting that regardless of the nationality of the offender and the victim, it applies to the entire case of the first country, except for the code. Pay it here in both sides of sight. Thus, for example, if in Germany the German is responsible for the code, then the whole matter is determined in the code according to the first German standards. It is analogous in the case that a Czech tourist in Germany gives a way to the German citizen. Follow the same procedure and correct according to German rules.

In the case caused by the name of our citizen in Germany, the domestic insurance company will perform for the client, in the following cases:

  • The client has a binding liability, which applies not only to R, but also to other European countries
  • In addition to the responsibility for the surcharge, the client has a broad scope for other European countries
  • The client, together with the travel insurance company, concludes insurance liabilities caused abroad

The offer of insurance liability for codes caused abroad is relatively scattered and confusing on the part of the connected. On the one hand, there are insurance companies that have insurance responsibilities for R and for foreigners, it is necessary to arrange another insurance. Then the insurance companies offer standard insurance responsibilities for R with the possibility of connecting European countries in the framework of such fuses. Finally, there are insurance companies on the market that are automatically responsible for the code for all European countries. The following table shows how it is possible to insure liability for code abroad for the leading bonding states available on the domestic market.

Insurance liability for code abroad for front connection states

esk pojiovnaConcluded insurance liability in all European countries, but only for temporary stays in these countries, e.g. allowed
AllianzConcluded insurance liability in all European countries, the length of stay is not specific
GeneralBasic liability insurance covers only domestic, liability for code abroad can be insured under this insurance
CooperativeInsurance liability for the code covers only R. It is most often possible to insure a code caused abroad in connection with the insurance of skull benefits (travel insurance)

Source: web pages of individual binders

The price of celoron’s liability is hundreds of crowns
As for the premium, the full liability for the code caused in the R range is somewhere between 350 and 700 K. This applies in the case of a limit of insurance benefits between one and three million. The client can set the insurance limit and the amount of insurance also grows.

In the case of the extension of insurance protection to all European countries, the insurance premium will increase, but this is not a particularly significant number. Another situation is with insurance companies that insure liability abroad in relation to travel insurance. Here, the insurance premium is deducted from the number of days spent outside R. The insurance rate for one day is similar to that for insurance claims around 20 K per day. Those interested in a non-European country have to deal with an individual insurance rate, which depends on the riskiness of individual countries, and in such a case it is not possible to apply a flat flat rate.

Due to the negligible amount of insurance liability for the code caused (the insurance premium is in the hundreds of crowns), he believes that it should belong to the standard insurance protection of anyone who travels abroad. The risk of an insurance claim in the sense of being caused by a code abroad increases several times compared to the situation at home.

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