Do you feel that I didn’t have a hundred of the pensions you paid? Compare on model clients whether it pays to change et.

The fact that you pay once so much for fees to the bank, not in a neighbor, does not necessarily mean that your bank is a railway. Just use the wrong type here. For an inventory of data associated with the current topic, it is therefore best to look after your entries from here for the last six or six months and go through the individual items in detail.

Drink how much and for everything you pay the bank. If you have a problem with the murders that the banks use in the listing, follow our instructions (see Entry…). For a framework idea of ​​how your bank stands in comparison with the competition, the models shown below should be used.

We used the statistics of the Scott & Rose company, which compiled simplified client models for MF DNES. They represent the average breeding in the whole banking market on the basis of long-term market research and the basis of banks. We asked the banks to choose the cheapest product from the offer for individual types of clients.

where are the least?

Choose the model that best suits your experience. In the pslun table you will then find how much to pay for each pslun transaction at each bank. It is clear from the tables that with the first choice of bank, you can actually not have a pension and spend it much more pleasantly than for bank fees. For a conservative client, the difference in the various fees for individual students can reach even 154 crowns, for a regular client and 70 crowns, and for an active client it is up to 150 crowns.

Find out if you can stay in the right bank For the same services you can pay in another bank for a large amount. The difference makes me reach more than 150 crowns msn. Compare your entries from here with those of you, so let competing banks spend how much you would pay on them. znmch.

You can check whether your bank is right here:

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