If the employer does not pay for the tax or you have not hired a tax advisor, you have less than two weeks to pay the income tax. This year you can pay five days later, but even so. Jan Brger from the law firm PRK Partners answered your questions in an online interview.

Na dan mte letos o pt dn vc. The deadline for tax returns is postponed by one day, ie to 1 April. And a penalty for not sent even on the financial basis of the non-submitted form with areas then the whole five working days.

Only employees and entrepreneurs do not pay the income tax. Students, pensioners and people on parental leave must also tax their beer.

You sometimes have to file a tax return for the deceased, otherwise you are threatened with a fine (see the previous article).

In the interview, Jan Brger changed, among other things, that from a tax point of view it is better to work on a trade license than to be an employee. It warns the bag of the risk of the so-called varcsystem.

Who answered

Ing. Jan Brger has been a registered tax advisor to the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic since 1999. In the past, he worked for nine years in the tax department of Ernst & Young Consulting, where he was responsible for providing tax services to major international companies and their Czech daughters.

Since 2006 he has worked as a tax advisor and manager of the tax department of PRK Tax Consulting, and since 2011 he has been cooperating with the law firm PRK Partners, where he currently works as a tax advisor and specialist in the taxation of natural persons.

In his practice, he devotes himself to tax services in the field of income taxes of natural and first persons associated with health and health insurance.

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