Time, no hunter stop at the station retirement, seems to me to be endless. Pesto is worth inviting to stop working right after a retirement claim. When you work here, you are interested in an extra pension. Anapod.

People who are currently retiring must have worked for 35 years, during which time they paid (or paid for the employer) social security. Those who have not been given a number of years must work and do business. This is not the case, according to relatively complicated conditions, a hunter should retire at the latest in the age of 70. Insurance years can also be purchased, it has many limitations, in principle, you can pay the missing year before retirement.

If you studied, raised young children, were sick for a long time in the war, this time will be sweaty as a so-called surrogate. Peme mon, because it has several other conditions. You have to study the period of study, only when the hunter studied before 2010, and he will not forget for more than six years after the applicant’s age of majority.

If you are rich enough, you can go to rest at any time, just reckon with the fact that in addition to the normal cost of living, you will have to pay your own health insurance, which you pay for the pensioner. And so the years of early retirement will not help in the future of future pensions. Five years before reaching retirement age, you can retire under favorable conditions.

dn old age pension

Would you like to know what kind of pension you can use with this? File a first copy of the social security information sheet. Those who have a data box can also use the online calculation, when the data registered by the SSZ are automatically entered into the calculator on the Kalkulak page, it only works for those who are retiring in the next five years. The results are oriental.

If you do not dare to count yourself, SSZ will not make much of an offer for the exam beforehand, but you will definitely spend enough on your pension.

If you care about the amount of retirement made by someone who makes sense of it, contact a retirement advisor. Granting offers for different thermal departures, checks all the connection, exclusion and replacement time. Pay for the promise of a specialist depending on how much time he will spend, usually the final price is around 4,000 crowns. Can I take it too much? Thanks to these services, the income is increased by a few plates, even hundreds of crowns. Msn and for all he gave the life of your life.

You can’t apply for a retirement pension because you haven’t reached retirement age? Or u mte pensions vk, but do you want to work according to? In such cases, it is good to know what to weigh.


You can start the early retirement at the age of 60 at the earliest. At the same time, if it is 63 years and v in pensions, you can bt and 5 years in nm. If it is, there is a maximum allowance for all the intended retirement. In any case, you must be insured for at least 35 years.

There is no early retirement, not if you could get a pension for days, and this shortening took them. You sweat every 90 days, which you go to retirement two. A three-thousand-year pension will cost about 800 crowns a year or two, and at five years it will cost about 5,200 crowns a month.

If you take the early retirement, you will not be able to fully enter employment at the same time. You can work on a contract for the performance of work with a debt of up to 10,000 crowns msn. You can also do business, but only with incomes up to 83603 crowns per year (so that you do not become a social insurance payer).


Five years before he reached the retirement age of the same age, you can go to the retirement. It must last for at least two years and you must help yourself to it in advance in the supplementary pension savings. If the dispute is prescribed with them, it is not possible to leave the dispute before the advance. In addition, you must at least five years.

For the year 2020, it is necessary to spend at least 10,029 crowns of money in order to leave in advance.

So you need to depend on how long you are fulfilling the advance:

  • 2 years 240 696 K
  • 3 years 361 044 K
  • 4 years 481 392 K
  • 5 years 601 740 K

The subsequent old-age pension will not be shortened, but it will be a bit lower, because you will have a longer connection time. The advantage is that you can spend any time.


Retirement is not a reason to tell. If you don’t rush, you don’t have to ask for it. The pension calculation will then be determined according to the following scenes:

I work long, I don’t get my pension:a quarter of a year of work after the establishment of a retirement entitlement will be paid at the pension for one year of work before reaching retirement age. For a pension of 14 thousand crowns, this is approximately 200 crowns per month. If, in the end, you just change your mind about the furnace and the city of the upper retirement decides for the standard one, you can apply for a pension back, and for five years. Pay the SSZ the whole hundred at once.

I work long hours, but my pension is:For each 360 days of activity from which you pay social security, the pension increases by 0.4 percent of the base amount. For the average income, it is about 600 crowns. It is necessary to give it in writing.

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