With the use of hell, the building societies are a full-fledged competitor of mortgage banks. How years do the conditions of the current building society offer?

Last year, building societies provided more than 162 thousand, incl. Thus, two thirds of all provided in the Czech Republic. Even though the average number of debts would be 445,385 K, ie less pronounced than in mortgage banks, building societies will still be an important competitor of Czech mortgage banks.

A suitable combination of infernal and long-term heat, by extending the maturity period, and thus by reducing the installment, created a building savings product that is fully competitive with the mortgage bank’s offer. With the use of hell, building societies are able to offer financial housing to new clients, so-called “from the street”.

We paid attention to the principle of errun vru from a building society, ie a combination of first a hell of an earth and a later (bottom) earthworm, in the Pro vr article to a bank or a building society. The essence of this article will be a comparison of the conditions for the provision of hell. And years of conditions under which clients can achieve this in various building societies.

Data for HYPO stavebn spoitelna are given with reference to Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna. The reason is the first trial of both building societies and the unification of supply products.

Table 1: Supply of in-house building savings banks with zero down payment

Building societyproductIn years ratesYear rate guaranteeMax. Maturity period
eskomoravsk stavebn spoitelnaTop Credit4,1-4,7 %*to pidlen20 let
Top Credit Plus4,1-5,3 %*to pidlen20 let
Tophypo4,5-4,9 %*6 let28 let
HYPO stavebn spoitelnaviz.Raiffeisen st.s.
Modr pyramidaHypovr4,84 %6 let25 let
Hypovr 1005,34 %6 let25 let
Hypovr Garant5,09 %to pidlen20 let
Raiffeisen st.spoitelnaNzk hypospltky5,10 %to pidlen23 let
St.spoitelna esk spoitelnyTrend
Msn payment 0.61% C5,15 %3 years28 let
Msn payment 0.67% C5,95 %to pidlen28 let
Msn payment 0.82% C5,95 %3 years18 let
Msn payment 0.85% C6,35 %to pidlen18 let
Wstenrot st.spoitelnaPartner5,50 %to pidlen20 let

* rate is provided depending on the long-term hell

Stavebn spoitelny very often offer several variants of infernal loans, such as maturity, guarantee of years, rates, etc., which ultimately affects the offered annual rate. Unlike hypotench banks, the rates listed are not listed as “from” rates, but are available to all clients without distinction. years rates salary only for peklenovac incl.

After reaching the value value, the inferior plant is repaid by the day of the building savings, for which the rate of the year deviates from the agreed tariff and is usually not lower than in the case of an inferior charge.

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