Absolutely most of the two preferences for owning one’s own home. The reason, especially in Prague, is simple: mortgage payment is no less required. But that should always be! For?

Njemn mus pokrt i spltku hypotky
The basic reason for the need to pay a mortgage is the price of pensions. For real estate can be enforced with great accuracy as the price of pensions annual mortgage rate. It is necessary to slightly reduce the price of pensions invested (even in real estate) in real estate, so it must be at least a year out of the mortgage.

The investor (in this case, the owner of the apartment) also appreciates the return on investment, which means that the invested pension is drilled (he would not sell the property). And so he has to gently cut the whole installment of the mortgage, not just years.

It should be noted that banks most often do not provide a mortgage for the entire price of the property (even if the mortgage is provided at 100% of the property value, or the value estimated by a bank expert usually does not reach the purchase price). It is therefore necessary to include the price of your own pension.

Castle owner repairs
The reason the reason, for them you are not a mortgage, is the simple fact that the cost of repairing the apartment castle its owner. And for a soft apartment, the owner is the landlord, who has to project the expected costs of the castle repairs into the fine.

Dan on the shoulders of the landlord
On the shoulders of the property owner impact so and from the property. This must also be reflected in the rent so that the owner does not lose the rent.

It is not entirely negligible to pay tax on the income received. Its value can be estimated using the percentage of income (30%) to 15% (tax rate) of a soft income of 30% (paul). Nap. at a minimum of 10 thousand K msn, the cost of income tax can be estimated at 1,050 K msn.

Insured real estate – a mess with an insured household
It is necessary to go to the landlord’s expense to insure the connected real estate. This is arranged by its owner, unlike the insurance household, which is responsible for the responsibility and risk of the tenant.

Simplified: real estate insurance covers losses in the event of an insurance event on the construction site of an apartment, where the household insurers its equipment.

If the landlord is the owner of the house, not just the apartment, it is no longer appropriate to arrange additional responsibilities. It covers nap. codes stuffed with a loose wall covering and ice from the roofs on cars standing around the house, etc.

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