Twenty percent of the one million workers are retirees. And within ten years, their number will double. Don’t worry about running a business for the elderly, it’s just that they are complicated by bureaucratic bureaucracy. That is why the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurs worked with the Silver Business project, which I can make easier for them.

The talent of the business generation of the 1990s will reach the retirement age. Naopaktempo finger of young businessman drop. And so for the first time, a businessman is 61 years old, not 36 years old.

In ten years, the self-employed will be doubled. So this is a large group that we must not underestimate. And you have to create the conditions, because otherwise we will all have a problem. A potential business apartment would have a detrimental impact on the service of the region, or they are the basis of small business, crafts and small farms. To keep seniors in active economic activity must become a community-wide theme, to Karel Havlek, Chairman of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Businesses.

In addition, it is necessary to reduce the bureaucracy, which entrepreneurs steal the days of the year often by meaningless costs. It is essential that the state can work with the data that the entrepreneur provided and was able to share, for example. According to changes, a number of important rules of the tax system are needed, Havlek adds.

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First, his association presented a nationwide Silver Business offensive to motivate seniors to engage in economic activities. The project is an educational website where the entrepreneur can find a lot of information about their activities, it is also a job portal. We replace the role of sttu, completely without subsidies, describes Havlek.

As part of the new platform, the association, in cooperation with SOB and Ipsos, commissioned a survey to map the situation on the labor market for people aged 55+. The survey shows the desire of Czech seniors for business and the interest of companies in their involvement in the position of employees. How are the results?

a quarter of people of pre-retirement age and 15% of people over the age of 64 consider starting a business. Apart from financial sources, their motivation is also the effort to be socially beneficial and to strengthen independence.

People aged 55 and over agreed in the survey that mental and physical activity will help prolong life and improve health. The situation is also very positive at work, which, according to the survey, not only helps them to cover living expenses, but also keeps them in relations with their surroundings and improves their mental condition.

Most retirees had a shop

If you start a business, then expect support from the family, but also impartial information about the opportunities and responsibilities associated with small business. From the point of view of time, the senior’s interest in working for 5 and 8 hours a day. According to her, retired entrepreneurs will do it, as opposed to those who are employed. The most preferred field of business is small business, administration, pedagogy, small-scale production and consulting.

Seniors are also attractive to employers: 82% of small and medium-sized companies employ employees over the age of 55, which confirms that companies can take advantage of their experience, or 45% are above the performance average. With regard to wages, they are mostly on the corporate average, according to the addressed company. Most nastarchzamstnancchfirmy awards their experience, reliability and responsibility. On the contrary, I consider less speed, morbidity and less ability to work with new technologies to be weak points.

Companies realize that older workers do not keep their promises of growth and comfort, but they do have security, personal relationships and mutual respect. And then on the offer of strangled viscosity and interesting benefits.

Active senior is not only satisfied and according to many studies also healthy and according to others, but it also relieves the social and health system. It is also such a perpetuum mobile for the satisfaction of seniors, business and society as a whole, to Vclav Vojtch from the association, which is in charge of the Silver project.

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